Testimonials and Reviews

10/10 It’s just a brilliant learning system that my kids can use at their own pace and it’s helps their reading and spelling too.

Carrie Foster, UK , Parent

10/10 This is an excellent programme. It's easy to use and mange, and has excellent customer service.

Victoria Gallagher, UK , Teacher

10/10 This is an excellent programme that's helping me improve my knowledge and speed - I wish I had taken the course years ago!

Pip Johnston, UK , Student

There has been a marked improvement in my son’s spelling since he started using Touch-type Read and Spell.

More importantly, I have seen an almost 180° turn-around in his confidence and attitude towards spelling, reading and schoolwork in general.

I cannot thank TTRS enough for providing this course. The changes in my son are already profound and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring.

Samantha, CA , Parent of a child with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia

10/10 I wanted a typing program that would not add a lot of prep time for me. My children are able to log in to the program and do it on their own. They are both very impressive at typing now!

Sarah Landsbach, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is an excellent programme and is easy to deliver. Pupils respond positively to incremental progress and their confidence grows as they complete modules.

Angela Gorard, UK , Teacher

10/10 TTRS was recommended by a literacy professional. Both of our children can try to rush through it so they do need a little supervision to do it properly.

Bridget Kinnear, AU , Parent

10/10 TTRS was recommended to us. My son is using the program 2-3 times a week and it's going well.

Hannah Keegan, HK , Parent

10/10 My child was struggling in his typing class at school so I wanted him to practice with this program at home. He really enjoys the modules and it helped him bring his typing grade up to an A. It has also improved his spelling. We are very satisfied with the TTRS program.

Brittney Schramm , Parent

10/10 I loved everything about Touch-type Read and Spell. The systematic format, the typing, the focus for dyslexic children, the easy access, and the technology support.

Lesley, US

10/10 TTRS is an excellent programme which is easy to deliver and monitor. Pupils respond positively, making incremental progress, and their confidence grows as they complete more and more modules.

Angela Gorard, UK , Teacher

TTRS has been fantastic for my 10 year-old son. He is dyslexic and has been using the programme for 18 months. It has helped his writing ability and his confidence, as well as improving his spelling. As a teacher and a parent, I have happily recommended this programme to others with a similar need.

Gloria, UK , Parent

10/10 My son is doing very well with this program.

Heidi Threlkeld, US , Parent

10/10 This program has helped me a lot to learn touch-typing so I can use it in my school lessons.

Reuben Wiseman - UK , Student

8/10 I chose TTRS because my son has dysgraphia. He needs to know how to type and also needs help with his spelling. He's had a good experience with the program and enjoys the lessons.

Rhonda H, US , Parent

10/10 This program is straightforward and easy to navigate. We have had an excellent experience moving through the levels and seeing regular progress. My son has become more confident not only in his keyboarding skills, but also in his decoding and reading.

Mark Goodwin, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to use and makes it easy to monitor progress. It's a program that builds confidence and skills at a sustainable rate.

David Jackson , Parent

10/10 My son doesn’t mind using the program and he has made good process in his typing skills. TTRS also helps with his spelling.

Julie Chen, AU , Parent

10/10 This is a clear and easy to use typing program, which incorporates sentences.

Tammy Jeanes, UK , Parent

9/10 My son learns better from a computer so it was important for him to study touch-typing!

Emma Klasen, AU , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS because it used a familiar structure and it provided an opportunity for independent learning.
We've had a positive experience with the program. It increased the confidence of our pupils and the support/involvement of their parents.

Gail Murray, UK , Teacher

10/10 TTRS helps because it's typing and spelling in small modules. I look forward to using it in my upper level classes.

Debra Demers, US , Parent

10/10 We decided to use this program for my son to learn typing and to help with spelling. It has done both. He is 11 and already typing like a pro thanks to TTRS. This is a very well done and user-friendly typing program for all ages.

Stephanie Maughon, US , Parent

TTRS has been a great benefit to our family and I highly recommend it.

Randall, US , Parent

10/10 I love that my kids are learning typing while also reinforcing reading and spelling. I've been so impressed with their ability to complete the dictation modules with ease, being that they are 6 and 8 and we've only just begun homeschooling with more formal language arts instruction.

Rachael Pena, US , Parent

10/10 I like the fact that TTRS teaches reading skills, that it's laid out in very clear steps, with regular assessment, rewards and certificates, and that each module can be done in approx. 5 mins!

R. Gately, IE , Teacher

10/10 I chose TTRS because I wanted to help my students attain automaticity with spelling so their creative writing skills could flourish.

Alison Goff, UK , Tutor

10/10 My kids are learning how to type with TTRS.

Trisha Brandow, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS provides small manageable chunks of learning that my son with dyslexia and ADHD can manage without being overwhelmed. I have just recommended it to a friend yesterday!

Kathryn Reeves , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a great way to practice spelling and learn to keyboard. This program helped my students with their skill level and also their confidence!

Tara Thompson, US , Teacher