Testimonials and Reviews

8/10 I chose TTRS because my son has dysgraphia. He needs to know how to type and also needs help with his spelling. He's had a good experience with the program and enjoys the lessons.

Rhonda H, US , Parent

10/10 This program is straightforward and easy to navigate. We have had an excellent experience moving through the levels and seeing regular progress. My son has become more confident not only in his keyboarding skills, but also in his decoding and reading.

Mark Goodwin, US , Parent

10/10 My kids love TTRS and it reinforces spelling while teaching them typing.

Kim Breen, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS has helped us improve typing and spelling.

Nadia Duffey, South Africa , Parent

Our 11 year-old daughter LOVES TTRS! She has faithfully done it 5 days a week for the past month and a half and is learning to type well. She is excited and is determined to get through all of the levels.

Shelli H , US , Parent

9/10 I heard about Touch-type Read and Spell from DAI Ireland. I find it's helpful to provide typing as a skill for my son with dyslexia. He has definitely improved since using the program.

Louise Keary, IE

10/10 I love the integration of typing, spelling and reading in TTRS! My kids can do it independently with me just occasionally checking that they are using the correct fingers.

Carrie Lee Brown, US , Parent

10/10 I have used TTRS before and did some research on its effects as part of my PGDip. I found the program is really useful for students who stick with it. Reading and spelling ability improves and the children seem more confident as they progress through the modules.

Mo Hammond, UK , Teacher

10/10 This program helps with more than just spelling. TTRS teaches the typing of high frequency words and helped with spelling even in handwriting. It gave my son more confidence in the classroom. I have recommended TTRS to others and will continue to do so.

Renae Hayman, AU , Parent

10/10 TTRS is an excellent programme with great instructions that are easy to follow and help increase confidence for students. It builds their English along with improving computer skills.

Beverley King, UK , Parent

10/10 Children like TTRS. It gives them the instant reward of seeing their scores improve and the progress they've made. At our school we use it mainly with dyslexic children and struggling writers.

Helen Holmes, UK , Teacher

10/10 Touch-type Read and Spell helped my son with dyslexia and dysgraphia become more confident in his typing and spelling.

Katherine Wright, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS has had a very positive impact on my son’s reading and spelling as well as developing the skill of touch-typing. I regularly recommend the programme to other parents and teachers.

Elizabeth Loly, UK , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a great, easy, and inexpensive tool for learning how to type.

Angela Burke, IE , Parent

10/10 This program is very easy to use and so beneficial for our special needs.

Rachel Linch, US , Parent

We are really happy with TTRS so far. It was easy to set up and get going on the modules. The support has been great, with helpful email suggestions about how to get more out of the program with different customizations and features. I can see us benefiting from this for a long time and have been spreading the word to other families in my area!

Darcie L. - US , Parent

10/10 I decided to use TTRS to help my son with his spelling. As a bonus, he is learning to type. It has surely helped him with his spelling and has boosted his confidence as well. He is also typing pretty fast for a 13 yr old!

Aston Ayala, US , Parent

10/10 It's easy, fun and it works!!!

Yadira Baljian, US , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS as a typing program for my dyslexic daughter. She has only completed the first unit and already I can see her typing improving. I like the fact that it integrates hearing, seeing and spelling!

Mary Grimm, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a good course. It has proven to help my student with spelling and typing. My student likes it and is doing really well.

Becky Gulledge, US , Parent

10/10 We decided to use TTRS because it is phonics-based, multi-sensory, and takes an Orton-Gillingham approach. We knew we would be able to set goals for students regarding completion and accuracy, and that the program covers both typing and spelling. Our experience has been good ... typing and spelling skills have improved to a much higher degree than we expected. We would highly recommend TTRS, particularly to those students who will be relying on assistive technology.

Lisbeth Long, AU , Teacher

10/10 Touch-type Read and Spell is an awesome program all around. We have referred many of our homeschool friends.

Tara Wilson, US , Parent

10/10 I like TTRS because it helps my children improve their spelling while they learn how to type. Both of my children are making progress and it’s not a struggle to get them to sit down to learn.

Angela Stephens, US , Parent

10/10 I like TTRS. It has short lessons and is customizable ... I love the academic words section; it's very useful.

Lisa Rassi, US , Parent

We started using TTRS and saw a quick improvement in our learner's speed and accuracy. He has dysgraphia so this is a huge advance for his ability to communicate thoughts in written form!

Sawyer Dahlquist , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy for me to use and my child has learned how to type. It has also dramatically improved her spelling.

Lori Kelley - US , Parent

10/10 TTRS was recommended to me by a colleague, and I'd also used it at a previous school. My experience with the program has always been very positive. For the students who have used it consistently, it has had a huge impact on their success.

Jacqui Parnham, UK , Teacher

10/10 My child loves TTRS and is learning very quickly the correct way to type!

Trisha Woolley, US , Parent

10/10 My student was struggling with dysgraphia and dyslexia. This program is helping his confidence in both reading and writing.

Alesia Aaron - US , Parent

Both my children have begun using TTRS and their typing skills are improving. I couldn't be happier.

Letty, US , Parent