Dyslexia Testimonials

"..No surprise then that TTRS is included as an example of good practice in the British Dyslexia Association's Dyslexia Friendly Schools Pack.." - Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre, UK

"The best program available for dyslexic children is the TTRS program, which requires only 10 minutes per day and can be included as part of the child’s homework time" - Dyslexia Testing Services, Australia 

"TTRS proves a hit with Dyslexic Kids" - Education Weekly News, New Zealand. View Article here

"Our kids use it 5 times a week for 10 minutes and are going very well. Their reading levels have jumped and they can type faster and more accurately. They are actually better than me. This program should be in every school and is appropriate for all ages 8 to 98" - Liz Dunoon, Author of "Helping Children with Dyslexia"