Read, Spell and Type with Confidence

An award-winning,               multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing,   reading and spelling at the same time

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Multi-sensory Learning

Multi-sensory Learning

The TTRS course engages your senses of seeing, hearing and touching.

A kinesthetic approach is experienced: "When I want to spell a word I just think where my fingers would go, it's like talking with my fingers."


Why TTRS is
so effective


   Proven and developed for over 22 years
   Uses a unique, multi-sensory, phonics based approach
   Incorporates structured word lists based on the book 'Alpha to  Omega' based on Orton and Gillingham.
   Develops literacyconfidence and self-esteem with measurable success from the start



USA and UK
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Read, Spell and Type with Confidence

An award-winning, multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing, reading and spelling at the same time

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Winner ERA 2017 - Special Education Resource

... A simple idea that is very well executed. Having a strong theoretical background, with a clean interface and lots of flexibility in its presentation that can be configured to individual needs. A welcome update to a tried and tested resource.


For Home

For parents, homeschoolers and adults. Start TTRS at home in minutes.

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For Schools

For schools, colleges and organizations. Start TTRS with your students in minutes

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Uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic (touch) senses for a fully immersive learning experience

Research based

TTRS was developed in line with language and education research and is routinely supported by new studies

Highly structured

Course content is based on the word lists of ‘Alpha to Omega’ and takes an Orton Gillingham approach to reading instruction

Modular in design

Each module is designed to be short in length with regular, positive feedback

Optional Tutor Support

Supplement your learning with a TTRS trained Tutor

Multiple levels of difficulty

TTRS has 24 levels, each with 31 modules. Every 5th module is a "dictation module" which relies on the auditory element to reinforce learning

Adaptive interface

Colors, fonts and designs can be customised for the learner to meet every individual's needs

Used worldwide

Used by dyslexia associations worldwide, including the British Dyslexia Association


TTRS is Used by Thousands of Students Worldwide Every Day!

Testimonials and Reviews

January, 2018

10/10 At age 11 my daughter was reading at a kindergarten level but after a year of TTRS she was up to grade level. She now has the confidence to sound out words, spell and read out loud. This program is amazing!

Chrissie McIntyre, US , Parent
January, 2018

10/10 TTRS is a great program that has worked well for my son - and he loves it!

Tracy Ramsour, US , Parnet
January, 2018

10/10 TTRS is a well designed programme which allows a child to progress both at home and at school.

Carmel Ní Ghairbhín, IE , Educator, Scoil Chualann
January, 2018

10/10 My daughter who is 11 has dyslexia. She has done the TTRS course and is now brilliant at typing - which is great for doing homework and school projects. She has improved in spelling too which showed in her grades this year. Best of all, she is a much more confident child.

Mary Carey, IE , Parent