Read, Type and Spell with Confidence

TTRS is a multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing skills to help children and adults improve their reading and spelling.

TTRS can be used as a standalone touch-typing course and is especially useful for those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

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Multi-sensory Learning

Multi-sensory Learning

The TTRS course engages your senses of seeing, hearing and touching.

A kinesthetic approach is experienced: "When I want to spell a word I just think where my fingers would go, it's like talking with my fingers."


Why TTRS is
so effective


   Proven and developed for over 22 years
   Uses a unique, multi-sensory, phonics based approach
   Incorporates structured word lists based on the book 'Alpha to  Omega' based on Orton and Gillingham.
   Develops literacyconfidence and self-esteem with measurable success from the start



USA and UK
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Read, Spell and Type with Confidence

TTRS is a multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing skills to help children and adults improve their reading and spelling.

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Uses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (touch) senses for a fully immersive learning experience.

Research based

The TTRS course is based on education and learning research and is continually backed up by new papers.

Highly structured

Based on the wordlists of 'Alpha to Omega' and the work of 'Orton and Gillingham'. 

Modular in design

Each module is designed to be short in length with regular, positive feedback.

Optional Tutor Support

Supplement your learning with a TTRS trained Tutor.

Multiple levels of difficulty

TTRS has 24 levels, each with 31 modules. Every fifth module is a "dictation" module which removes the visual element and reinforces learning.

Adaptive design

Colours, fonts and designs can be customised for the learner to meet every individual's needs.

Used worldwide

Used by dyslexia associations worldwide, including the British Dyslexia Association. 


Home Licence

For children and adults. Start TTRS at home in minutes.

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Education Licence

Free trial available for schools, colleges and organisations.

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Private Tuition

Apply for a free trial at your local centre. 

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"I purchased Touch Type Read Spell for teenage son with dyslexia and dysgraphia. It is now a part of his daily homework routine. My son has asked for an adult typing course (not an animated "baby" one). It really helps with not looking at the keys and you can see immediately how well you are doing. It is an essential component for high school and we will continue to use it. I would and do recommend it to friends, family and those who ask how to support students with dyslexia.”


Rhonda Vernay


"Love TTRS. My son is 8 and he is doing great. The program really has made learning to type properly easy. He is getting a great boost with his spelling and reading. We want to continue with it for some time to come. Thanks.”


Melanie D, Parent


We're loving the TTRS ONLINE product, thanks for developing this!

Ms Kelly

St Michael's Luteran Primary School
South Australia

We have had extremely good results with all the pupils who have remained on the course and reached Level 8 and beyond. This covers the majority and a complete age range from Year 4 (8 years to adult). Exam results following the course have been far higher than originally forecast for the individuals.

Frances Mercer

NELDA (North East Lancashire District Association)

The best program available for dyslexic children is the TTRS program, which requires only 10 minutes per day and can be included as part of the child’s homework time

Dyslexia Testing Services Australia

...No surprise then that TTRS is included as an example of good practice in the British Dyslexia Association's Dyslexia Friendly Schools Pack..

Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre Newsletter

I was excited when we discovered Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS).  

The program is easy to use with clear instructions and performance feedback...TTRS reinforces letter sounds for those who need, provides visual and auditory input and even students with severe attention challenges are motivated and self-directed when using the program. 

TTRS is a great tool to incorporate with other researched based literacy instruction to support continued student growth. I have recommended this program to others in our district and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Lisa Cates, Teacher

"Many Dyslexia Associations and schools use Touch-type Read and Spell - an online, multisensory course for children and adults. It has no games or gimmicks, but follows the structure of Alpha to Omega with human voice recordings of the words for copy-typing and unseen for dictation "

British Dyslexia Association

The scheme uses a variety of strategies to break the cycle of failure. By the end of the course, students have improved their spelling, reading, short-term Memory, co-ordination and concentration....They see that they are mastering the computer but what really encourages them is the improvement in their spelling.

Sally Mckeown

Times Education Supplement

The TTRS course really helped me. It’s been a lot easier in class, and it makes me a lot more confident in terms of spelling. I don’t have to ask people how to do things any more.


Home User
New Zealand

I cannot believe the difference this programme has made to my son’s life. He was scoring an average of between 95% and 99% at each module...his self-esteem is greater than it has been for the last two years and his happiness is portrayed by a smile at his own achievement.

Catherine O'Sullivan McGraph

Parent of child aged 11

I am so grateful to have been involved with TTRS it has enriched my life by just being involved with the Program.

Gwenda Maynard

South Australia

TTRS proves a hit with Dyslexic Kids.

Education Weekly, New Zealand

I really enjoyed using TTRS with students at City College, Plymouth, and found it to be a wonderful way of raising self-esteem and motivating students to improve their literacy skills. I feel the multi-sensory and kinesthetic elements are extremely important.

Amanda Dyke


Murraylands Christian College at Strathalby in South Australia have been using the brilliant TTRS Programme since the beginning of 2008. Students greatly benefit from this excellent programme.

Pamela Coulson

Special Education Key Teacher, Murraylands Christian College
South Australia

.. I can't speak highly enough of TTRS and how it has helped my son. He can now sound out words and he is coming home from school and reading two books a night. His concentration has improved greatly and he now has an interest in learning..

..My son looks forward to school in the morning and comes home with a smile on his face. As any parent knows, you just want your child to be happy and finally we can say that our son is a happy child thanks to TTRS..


Parent - Ireland

Feburary 2014

I have been using the Touch-type, Read and Spell programme with my students both at home and in the school setting for over 2 years. I have found it extremely easy to use and the clear, structured approach to learning the keyboard have enabled all my students to achieve success in mastering the correct finger position. Alongside this, the programme uses real words right from the very first module and through repetition and use of all the senses it supports the acquisition of spelling through the finger pattern memory as well as visual and auditory paths. My students have found the immediate feedback through the accuracy percentage graph very motivating and surprisingly enjoyable as they can see their progress and work to their own targets. I can highly recommend this programme for all ages and abilities.

Rita Jones

TTRS Tutor Richmond

Aaron has successfully completed the touch-typing course and has become a very competent touch-typist.  His self-esteem and confidence have noticeably grown.

Royal National Institute for the Blind

The Touch-type Read & Spell software that the children use is self-motivating and develops high levels of independence.  At the end of each level they achieve an accuracy percentage and a words per minute score.  The desire to achieve 100% scores has been a highly motivating factor.  The first time a child achieves 100% is a time of great pride for everyone. 

TTRS Tutor

 The results they get after a few sessions using the typing programme helps them to lose their ‘can’t do’ attitude.  

Maureen McTaggart

Times Educational Supplement

We have one student with a visual impairment, hearing loss and fine motor skill difficulties. She also had very low self-esteem, little self-confidence and difficulties at school.  She was poorly motivated.  This course has changed her life.  It has facilitated her being able to succeed.  It has improved her literacy skills and enabled her to become an effective typist; her confidence and self-esteem have shot through the ceiling.  Thanks to the Touch-type, Read and Spell Computer Course she has a more positive future ahead of her.  

Jean Cavanagh

 Greenwich Visual Impairment Service

There are benefits for students with emotional and behaviour difficulties.  Because the student can work entirely at his or her own pace, it is ‘safe’.  Touch-type, Read and Spell facilitates success, which improves self-esteem and motivation.  

Caroline Stride

Manager of the Behavioural Support Centre at Deptford Green School

There are some children who fiddle in the classroom, whose legs tap at the chair or who doodle on books.  Once they understand the programme and ‘feel’ their way through the first few weeks, calm descends.  These tactile learners show impressive touch typing skills and increased concentration

Vanessa Charter

Nottingham Dyslexia Association

When Crystal Palace Study Support Centre first piloted TTRS we weren’t sure it would be effective, but all the children have responded to its structure and enjoyed the built-in success of it.  There’s no doubt that it works right across the range of the children’s abilities.  

Study Support Centre Manager

Crystal Palace Football Club

I have tried other programmes, without success as my student with dyslexia rebuffed every attempt at help.  The Touch-type Read and Spell course has had dramatic results.  The stress just seems to have been lifted from my student.  His progress has been amazing.  This is the first time ever that he has been able to remember spellings and I have had to force him to take breaks

Jennifer Whitehead

Grimsby University

TTRS is of great benefit to the young people who attend their Life Skills programme.  TTRS is being used to improve literacy, IT and keyboard skills using a media that young people can relate to and enjoy learning from. 

Chris Fenton

Training Manager, North Wiltshire District Council

Jeremy is a 15 year-old student from Amsterdam with Autism Spectrum Syndrome (ASS) who really enjoyed working with the programme. He has faithfully worked on the modules one after the other and completed all 24 levels in 3 months. His spelling and pronunciation of English words have improved tremendously. His comment was, "Now I can pronounce many English words properly."


Natachia Jackman

Tutor, Netherlands 

US Whether it is answering a question, solving problems or telling someone how you feel, having dyslexia can make life that much harder. Especially when others around you articulate themselves in far easier ways.

With the right dyslexia help , you can be given the tools to ensure these issues are minimized. At Touch-Type Read and Spell ( TTRS ) , we are experienced in helping those with dyslexia tackle the condition positively . Through specialized dyslexia courses we aim to help the overall learning experience for those with the condition. The course is aimed to improve concentration , confidence and articulation via a range of different methods and technology and is used in numerous countries worldwide.

In order to provide the highest quality of dyslexia help, we have adopted a unique approach to our teaching that involves increased levels of interaction to stimulate learning. TTRS has worked closely with people with dyslexia and those who are experts in channeling dyslexia positively for almost a quarter of a century.

US The cornerstone of our dyslexia help is our touch-typing online technology. Our aim is to teach computer keyboard skills with multi-sensory learning techniques to ensure the best possible help is given.

Much is to do with empowering the student to feel in control of their learning. Touch-typing online facilitates an interactive method of learning , with the student able to complete at their own pace.

Whilst remaining challenging , the teaching strategy is designed to promote success. With every small achievement, self-esteem will grow.For those at school, the course also factors into the National Curriculum, and can act as invaluable dyslexia help during this period.

With the skill of touch-tying comes the building of a base of phonic knowledge.

There are 24 different levels, all divided in terms of difficulty and all including 31 different modules. Students practice typing the patterns shown on the screen in order to stimulate recognition and association. Important aspects of grammar are introduced early in the course to familiarize learners with sentence structure. The aim of this course, available on computer or tablet is to help engage multi-sensory learning and needs to be delivered in a wholesome and receptive environment.

US Without the right dyslexia help, children with the condition can struggle to keep up with the learning rates of their peers. Our touch - type online technology is leading the way in state of the art dyslexia software. We at TTRS aim to provide children with dyslexia the very best possible support at home, at school, or at one of our specialist tutor centres.

An advantage with the course is that it may be used both at home as well as in schools. For more dyslexia help information, International Dyslexia Association helpline on (410) 296-0232 or your local dyslexia association.