Testimonials and Reviews

One of the things I like most about the Touch-type Read and Spell Course are the subjects. They have technical terms and definitions from science and math that you can practise typing. The vocabulary is something I can really benefit from.

Jen, Adult learner and homeschooling mom

My son will do five small modules a day. I ask him to complete three from the main course and then choose two from the subject-specific lessons in grammar, phonics, science, or maths. Having this kind of independent task to work on and being able to check off his progress gives him a real sense of completion.

Sheryl, Parent of an 11-year-old with dyslexia

My grandson was 14 when we started using TTRS and he has Down syndrome. He has a difficult time with small motor skills such as using a pencil. Over the two years that he used TTRS, he became quite competent at keyboarding, which helped him tremendously with his spelling.

S. Jordan , Grandparent of a learner with Down syndrome

I am a single parent of an adult child with Down syndrome who loves to type and copy words. She says it helps her. She is a visual learner and phonics is not working. We're excited to try typing.

TTRS user , Parent of an adult learner with Down syndrome

My adult child with Down syndrome can’t spell so we are trying TTRS for muscle memory and to build skills with computers. On her first try she completed a module and didn’t want to stop. Thanks for helping her as she is learning to type, spell, and do computer work all at once.

C. Larue , Parent of an adult learner with Down syndrome

My student with Down syndrome likes that he is able to teach himself typing and spelling. He considers it a sort of game and his dad is very pleased with the program. As a tutor, I'm most impressed because I was unable to break through the concept of phonics and reading with him. Yet several months into the TTRS program, he is reading words consistently in other books and "imagines" how the word might be typed when learning new words.

D. Dionne , Tutor of a learner with Down syndrome

My daughter is a perfectionist who wants to be the fastest typist in the household. My son is a different learner and is not concerned with typing speed. Both of them have started taking science subjects on TTRS and really like them. I also like that their typing lessons are reinforcing the vocabulary and concepts we're learning in other areas of our school day!

Maureen, Parent and homeschooler of 3 children

All three of my kids 14, 9, and 5, love this program. They love to do it and have all gained a lot of typing skill. My son (14) has a lot of reading and spelling problems and this also really helps with his spelling as a hands-on way to practice, plus doing the same for my younger girls who are learning spelling.

Britt T., US , Parent

My seven-year-old daughter loves Touch Type Read and Spell. The student learns to type the individual letters in a word and then brings it all together by typing the word. This method works amazingly well for my mildly dyslexic daughter. Her spelling and reading confidence have improved using this program.

Valerie C., US , Parent

The subject areas offered are really awesome. We did the TTRS maths subjects for a while and now we're in science. Words are used in a sentence, you can preview them or not, you can have the word displayed or dictated. TTRS is so customizable. I love the whole package that you get with this program.

Lisa, Parent of a 7th grader with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and apraxia

We are doing great and absolutely love the TTRS program. I recommend it to everyone I know!!!

Maribeth W., US , Parent

This program is excellent. My almost-seven year old has gained so much skill on the keyboard in a matter of weeks. I love this program. She is truly learning and enjoys sitting to practice.

Niurka M., US , Parent

We LOVE our TTRS subscription! I like that they can do it independently. My younger two like that they can see their grade and WPM with each lesson. My oldest has ASD, dyslexia and dysgraphia and is finally able to spell and write! He was so proud of himself when he discovered he could actually type comments while playing Minecraft and have other kids understand him.

T. Pye, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time to get results. My child's spelling is so much better now!

Renee Spadachene, US , Parent

My son doesn't even have to be reminded to do his typing --it's one aspect of homeschooling we don't argue about! He knows it only takes a few minutes, and with positive reinforcement and awards for levels completed he stays motivated. This is our second year using TTRS and we just renewed for a third. I tell other homeschool moms about the program because it's easy to use and reinforces spelling skills in addition to typing.

Wendy W., US , Parent

Great program! My boys would rather do this than a spelling lesson! They learn words right from the start and the words get harder as they go.

Andover Mom, US , Parent

10/10 I teach dyslexic children. Students seem to like the structure of TTRS. Parents report progress at school and we sometimes hear back from past students who are now studying at university or working and using touch-typing in their jobs.

Heather Matthews, UK , Teacher

10/10 My kids really enjoy this typing program.

Alle Hitchcock, US , Parent

10/10 It’s just a brilliant learning system that my kids can use at their own pace and it’s helps their reading and spelling too.

Carrie Foster, UK , Parent

10/10 This is an excellent programme. It's easy to use and mange, and has excellent customer service.

Victoria Gallagher, UK , Teacher

10/10 This is an excellent programme that's helping me improve my knowledge and speed - I wish I had taken the course years ago!

Pip Johnston, UK , Student

There has been a marked improvement in my son’s spelling since he started using Touch-type Read and Spell.

More importantly, I have seen an almost 180° turn-around in his confidence and attitude towards spelling, reading and schoolwork in general.

I cannot thank TTRS enough for providing this course. The changes in my son are already profound and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring.

Samantha, CA , Parent of a child with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia

10/10 I have been tutoring a student with Down syndrome using TTRS. He has made impressive progress after several months, this after I was not able to teach him with other methods. His self confidence also increased in the process.

Darlene Dionne, US , Tutor

10/10 This program has heaps of impact. The kids who are dyslexic love it!

Kelly, NZ , Teacher

10/10 I had heard good things about TTRS and to be honest it wasn’t very expensive. I homeschool and this programme has been invaluable. I would certainly encourage anyone on the fence to try it! With the new gamification that has been added and printable certificates, it just keeps getting better and better!

Christine Bradley, UK , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS as it had all of the components I was looking for: it taught typing using actual words, showed which fingers to use, and targeted spelling skills.

My children are in Lessons 12 and 14 and their spelling has drastically improved. I hear them say “I know how to spell that word, I learned it in typing!” all the time.

They can both type above 40 wpm (and have even reached 50 wpm!) with a great accuracy rate. I couldn’t be happier. They are in 4th and 6th grade.

Tonya LeVos, US , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS because it used a familiar structure and it provided an opportunity for independent learning.
We've had a positive experience with the program. It increased the confidence of our pupils and the support/involvement of their parents.

Gail Murray, UK , Teacher

9/10 My son learns better from a computer so it was important for him to study touch-typing!

Emma Klasen, AU , Parent

10/10 We decided to use this program for my son to learn typing and to help with spelling. It has done both. He is 11 and already typing like a pro thanks to TTRS. This is a very well done and user-friendly typing program for all ages.

Stephanie Maughon, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS helps because it's typing and spelling in small modules. I look forward to using it in my upper level classes.

Debra Demers, US , Parent