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1 in 5 children in the UK do not have the required literacy skills.*
Even more cannot touch-type.

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Why Teachers love the award winning TTRS course

Three skills in one solution

Students learn to type but they also benefit from improved spelling ability and a boost in reading fluency thanks to an underlying phonics program that informs core content.

It's easy to get started

There's no complicated training required and it is quick and easy for teachers to get set up on the platform. The intuitive and simple interface also means students find it a breeze to set up their profile and start typing right away!

It can be used in class or at home

TTRS offers a flexible solution that can be used for classroom-based learning, homework assignments or even extra credit. It also offers parents the chance to reinforce literacy skills at home and take a more active role in their child's learning.

It offers insights that can be used to inform teaching

Dashboards and reporting not only allow teachers to monitor user progress but also to seeing which words and spelling patterns they are struggling with and then focusing lessons on these ares.

It encourages self-directed learning

That means students require less guidance and teachers can take a step back to observe more children and help individuals who require extra attention. Mention self-pacing and confidence self-esteem here too.

It caters to different ability levels

Teachers with inclusive classrooms know the struggle of creating different lesson plans and resources so every learner can benefit. TTRS is self-paced and can be customized to meet the needs of every learners from those on the autistic spectrum to learners with visual or hearing impairment and students who struggle with dyslexia, dyspraxia or attention based difficulties.

Free teacher accounts

Some teachers can't touch-type. That's why we offer FREE unlimited teacher accounts with all our accounts. Teachers have full access to their own course and can be assigned to monitor classes.


If your students enjoy learning the TTRS way, they can take maths, English, and science lessons too! Typing modules practise key vocabulary and concepts, help with hard-to-spell words, and boost reading fluency.

New features

Subject creator

Draft custom typing lessons so students can learn new material in a multi-sensory way

Free writing

Kick off their creativity! Have students write inside TTRS and get post-session feedback on spelling & typing performance

Weekly goals & Performance streaks

Set targets to motivate learners and encourage regular use of the program

TTRS Reporting

Track performance and manage student accounts on your smartphone with our new app

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Small school?

If your school has 400 pupils or less on roll, you may be eligible for a discount. Please Contact us.

Instant online access for school and home use – start in minutes

  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Additional subjects included
  • Quick and easy setup online

  • Supported by ongoing research
  • Used by the British Dyslexia Association*
  • Student home and school access online

Frequently asked questions

For whom is TTRS designed?

TTRS is both a literacy and touch-typing course, designed to benefit reading, spelling, pronunciation, and touch-typing skills.

From what age is TTRS suitable?

Primary (from 7 years of age), Secondary and Adult.

What is a User place?

Each user place allows one student to log in to TTRS Online using their own login details. A user place can be deleted and reused by another student at no extra cost.

Is TTRS quick and easy to use in the classroom?

Yes - as TTRS is web-based, setup takes just a few minutes. TTRS is designed to run on any computer (PC, Mac or iPad) with a keyboard, speakers/headphones and an Internet connection.

What payment options do you have?

We accept school purchase orders or secure online payments by card. Card payments are auto-subscribing and can be cancelled at any time

How flexible are the subscriptions?

We offer 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions for 1-1000 user places. Additional user places can be purchased at any time

We are a small school, do we receive any discounts?

Yes - we offer a whole school special price if the total number of students at your school is less than 400. Please Contact us for more details.

What if I'm not happy?

We guarantee a 30-day refund policy on all our plans. Simply email if you are not 100% happy.

Testimonials and reviews

This program is working great. We are using it for our 6 year old and he is enjoying it. He wants to "do my typing" each day. Our 4 year old daughter watches with keen interest. The way it is designed really does include reading and spelling and not just typing.

Sarah B , Parent

My family absolutely loves Touch Type Read and Spell! It is exactly what we needed and more!
I highly recommend this program to any one wanting to learn to type and have extra spelling practice.

Marilyn Simonson , Teacher, International School Moshi, Arusha Campus

I love this product. My daughter is dyslexic and I can see an improvement in her work since starting the program.

P. Davis , Parent

We love this program! No games, no gimmicks but rather straight forward instructional program yet my girls still enjoy it.
We chose this program since it is designed to help dyslexics learn to type as well as assists in reading and spelling.
I am using this program with both my dyslexic and non-dyslexic children, ages 10 and 11. Both find the program very useful and enjoy learning keyboarding.

Sarah B , Parent