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Sally is a teacher in an after school special needs program where students use TTRS

Sally, Teacher in a special needs program

I run a special group on Wednesdays for children from local schools. While most of the students have learning differences, we have English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners and children with motor-skills difficulties too. Those who struggle with literacy skills benefit the most from TTRS. It gives them confidence and is a learning activity they look forward to. The children are always saying ‘When are we going to do our touch-typing?’

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Lisa, Teacher in a rural school that uses TTRS

Lisa, Teacher in a small rural school

I was excited when we discovered Touch-type Read and Spell. We are a small, rural pre-K through 12th-grade school located on an island in Alaska. Many of our lessons have to be flexible for multi-age classes that can include first through high school age students. We do not have a tech lab specialist so it's great that TTRS is easy to deliver. I've tried the program myself, as I have never had any typing instruction, and found I even benefitted from the technique!

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Typing course for 15-16 year-olds

Roisin, Secondary School Teacher

We have been using Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) for nearly three years with all of our transition year students who are 15-16 years old. It has been wonderful to see the improvement in reading and spelling, typing skills, confidence, and motivation in students who are using TTRS. It is also great preparation for those who will complete their Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations through special centres using technology.

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My daughter is 16, has Downs syndrome and is learning to type. Her low-muscle tone makes manual writing pretty difficult, and her verbal language can be hard to understand, but this course is opening doors for her! With typing she can get her thoughts and words down, so even people who don't know her can understand her. We love TTRS!

N. Finley , Parent of a teenager with Down syndrome

It’s hard to know where to start when learning how to spell as an adult. It seems there are as many words that break the rules in English than that follow them; it’s so inconsistent. I’m enjoying doing the Touch-type Read and Spell course. I’m up to Level 3 of the first modules.

Brian, Retiree and youth mentor with dyslexia

Every day is a struggle when you have severe dyslexia. This world isn’t set up for people who struggle with literacy and we need more tools like TTRS to help adults who are out there and suffering in silence. TTRS is one part of my dyslexia toolkit. I do my typing for a half hour every night. I put that in my schedule and make it a priority.

Martin, Adult learner with severe dyslexia

We were looking for typing software that would teach keyboarding, but also help students make progress in terms of literacy skills development. We chose Touch-type Read and Spell for this reason, and because it worked well for learners of different ages...
The program was so successful that we were able to introduce it as a group training activity at the Tramway Offices of the North Lancashire Training Group, at workshops in two local schools and as part of the local education offerings for young offenders.

North East Lancashire Dyslexia Association

What I like about TTRS is that it’s easy and straightforward to use. The first time I signed in to the program I was able to get started right away. I did two modules and felt confident and pleased with myself.

Annette, Adult learner with dyslexia

When I write emails I normally look up and there are about ten red lines with errors. Now it’s about half that, and that’s only from using TTRS for 3-4 weeks.

Samantha, adult learner

Touch-type Read and Spell has been useful for me because it’s helping me with my touch-typing and my dyslexia.

TTRS Adult User

I had heard good things about TTRS and to be honest it wasn’t very expensive. I homeschool and this program has been invaluable. I would certainly encourage anyone on the fence to try it! With the new gamification that has been added and printable certificates, it just keeps getting better and better!

Christine, Parent

With TTRS the children enjoy it, it's quick to set up and it's easy to run. The literacy focus is also great and overall it is the best touch typing program I've used.

Teacher, Secondary school

This program is straightforward and easy to navigate. We have had an excellent experience moving through the levels and seeing regular progress. My son has become more confident not only in his keyboarding skills, but also in his decoding and reading.

Mark, Parent