Maria is a doctor and English language learner with dyslexia who is learning to type

Maria, Doctor and English language learner

I'm originally from South America and I work as a doctor in the UK. I came here four years ago and I speak English as a second language. I also have dyslexia. 

I began using the TTRS course after my English literacy level was tested and seemed low. I spent a year taking the course, doing about 30 minutes of typing each day. In that time I was able to balance my studies with work and family commitments. 

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Before TTRS, I used to type slowly and inaccurately with two-fingers. Now I am faster at the computer, make fewer errors, and write more professionally. My typing skills have boosted my confidence in the workplace tremendously.

I've also noticed benefits to my pronunciation. I pay more attention to certain sounds in words and am better able to repeat them.

My vocabulary has noticeably expanded. I learned new words by looking up vocabulary using the dictionary tool inside TTRS.

When speaking and listening, I can explain myself more clearly in English and understand the people I deal with better. I have especially noticed a boost in my comprehension skills when using the phone to communicate for work purposes or to discuss my children’s education issues.

When I was tested after using TTRS, my scores revealed that my word reading skills had improved by 22 standard score points! I feel like this is quite an achievement!

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