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A highly accessible typing program that teaches spelling and reading, suitable for schools, individuals, families, including users with dyslexia.


Why people love TTRS

It takes a multi-sensory approach to typing

It’s great for individuals with learning difficulties

It boosts focus, concentration, confidence, and self-esteem

It’s appropriate for children aged 7+, teenagers, and adults

It can be used in class or at home and requires minimal supervision

It’s easy to review progress and print certificates

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Support students with learning difficulties:

Testimonials and reviews

I had heard good things about TTRS and to be honest it wasn’t very expensive. I homeschool and this program has been invaluable. I would certainly encourage anyone on the fence to try it! With the new gamification that has been added and printable certificates, it just keeps getting better and better!

Christine, Parent

With TTRS the children enjoy it, it's quick to set up and it's easy to run. The literacy focus is also great and overall it is the best touch typing program I've used.

Teacher, Secondary school

This program is straightforward and easy to navigate. We have had an excellent experience moving through the levels and seeing regular progress. My son has become more confident not only in his keyboarding skills, but also in his decoding and reading.

Mark, Parent

TTRS was recommended to me by a colleague, and I'd also used it at a previous school. My experience with the program has always been very positive. For the students who have used it consistently, it has had a huge impact on their success.

Teacher, Primary school

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