Kate Coupe
I offer individual and small group classes in my home and also online. To help master this skill, I set personalised targets with students aged 7 upwards and enjoy seeing their confidence grow.
Qualifications and experience  
I have many years of experience teaching students in schools and individually and especially enjoy helping children overcome their barriers to learning. I believe that it is important to cater to their individual needs to support them to realise and unlock their potential. QTS, Dip SpLD
The Touch Type Read and Spell programme supports both neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals but as a Specialist Dyslexia Tutor, I draw on its multi sensory aspects and its cumulative and structured phonics approach to support the skills underpinning reading and spelling. Through development of muscle memory, the touch typist becomes increasingly accurate and fast. Come and try it out!
0777 361 3574
Tunbridge Wells
Farmcombe Road Royal Tunbridge Wells
United Kingdom
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