Patricia Hardingham
4 weeks of TTRS typing courses during the summer holidays, w/c 17 and 31 July and w/c 14 and 29 August.


Traditional tutoring

Summer Holiday Courses

 Further details on application.
I am available to teach present students and those who have already been on a course for monitoring their progress.

The students attending holiday courses are taught individually within a maximum of six in the group.

 Individual student lessons can be taught on request in my classroom and online.

Qualifications and Experience:
BA, Cert.Ed., Dip.SpLD, AMBDA, CELTA 

Patricia is a very experienced teacher having taught in the public and private sectors, both primary and secondary, for many years. She has been a SpLD specialist for more than 25 years and has used TTRS as the most appropriate typing program since 2001.


Where for traditional lessons:
Mulberry Lodge, Culverden Down, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9SL

For online: Anywhere

Using Zoom, Patricia prefers to give an introductory lesson in her own home before switching to Zoom. In the first lesson targets and rewards to work towards will be discussed and given. Subsequent lessons are by agreement to reinforce good technique and motivation.  Recently described as 'The Mary Poppins of typing'.

Please contact using the form below for further information.

Patricia Hardingham                                                         
BA, Cert. Ed., Dip.SpLD, AMBDA, CELTA 
T. 01892 513833
About Tutor :
Mrs Hardingham is an experienced learning support specialist who has been teaching touch-typing for over 22 years. Lessons take place in her home.


1892 513833
Tunbridge Wells TTRS Centre
Mulberry Lodge Culverden Down Royal Tunbridge Wells
United Kingdom
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