Jen, Adult learner with dyslexia and homeschooling mom

Jen, Adult learner and homeschooling mom

I’ve never been officially diagnosed with dyslexia, but I’ve struggled with reading and spelling all of my life. If I’m reading a sign with a recognizable logo in a particular font or color, that’s different. But with daily reading I have to read one word at a time and it takes some energy to process the text. It’s not necessarily hard, but I’ve noticed I have to exert more effort than other people do.

Spelling is something I need help with too. I find that when I re-read writing I produced before I was using computers, I would always miss out on words and just not realize I was making omissions.

One of the things I like most about the Touch-type Read and Spell Course are the subjects. They have technical terms and definitions from science and math that you can practice typing. The vocabulary is something I can really benefit from. I also tried the spelling tests.

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In high school we had to take a typing class. I loved the idea of pushing buttons. I didn’t learn it the correct way, but I did learn to type pretty early on. I learned to copy; actually typing my own work wasn’t as fun. I know I knew how to hit the backspace key really well, to fix the errors I was making!

As I’ve been doing typing modules in TTRS, I’m realizing that I’m typing a b when I know it’s a d. I’ll go to the wrong letter, probably because of my dyslexia, so I am planning to re-learn these keys. I originally started on Level 3 of TTRS because I knew the keyboard, but now I’d like to go back and take the modules where b and d are introduced, just to re-train my muscle memory.

I was an average student at school because I always found coping mechanisms to help me. However, I feel like no one really respected the ideas I was producing in my writing, until I got to high-school/college level and could use a computer and spell-check.

I would also get anxious if I ever had to read out loud and I wouldn’t really read unless I had to. But that all changed when I had kids. We were reading Dr. Seuss books all of the time and this was a huge help with my reading fluency.

There’s a section of Touch-type Read and Spell I let my son try and it was really interesting to watch him. He had such a high level of success with the program that I created an account for him.

He’s a fourth grader going into fifth grade. I like how he feels so accomplished after he does his typing. I homeschool him and TTRS starts at a great foundational level for him.

He’s so happy to go and do it. He’s learning a new skill, and he’s working on his spelling so it’s a program we can both use!

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