Annette, Adult learner returning to school

Annette, Adult learner returning to school

I’ve always known I’ve had dyslexia but for most of my life I’ve tried to ignore it. When I was younger my school didn’t diagnose me, and it was only this year when I took an adult education course that I was given a proper assessment and the dyslexia was actually picked up.

Dyslexia affects my reading and spelling ability. In my head I feel like I can read better, but for reading out loud there are some words that I just can’t pronounce. My spelling isn’t very good either – I look up a lot of words on Google whenever I’m writing on the computer.

For most of my life I’ve tried to avoid reading and writing because of these issues, but this year I decided I was going to try and make some changes. I started with an adult access course, I’m taking steps to address my dyslexia and now I’m even headed back to university! 

It was when I was researching tools for adult dyslexia online that I first came across Touch-type Read and Spell. As I’ll be starting university in September, I’m using the course to help me get ready for school. 

What I like about TTRS is that it’s easy and straightforward to use. The first time I signed in to the program I was able to get started right away. I did two modules and felt confident and pleased with myself.

Typing is a really useful skill for me to have at university and because the TTRS course is typing for individuals with dyslexia, I feel like that it’s going to really benefit my reading and spelling skills too.

TTRS is easy to fit into my daily schedule and I enjoy doing it! I’m looking forward to seeing my progress and skills build as I get further along.

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