Honour roll

Congratulations to all of our learners who are achieving great things with the TTRS Course!

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Toluwani A, London, England

Benjamin Doley, Australia


Brayden M, Australia

Chelsea Z, Australia

William O, Pewsey, Wiltshire, England

Karen T, Bailieborugh, Ireland


Eoghan B, Maynooth, Ireland

Emily V, Oxted TTRS Centre, England

Thanasis F, London, England

Amanda B, Wiltshire, England

Fionn O'Loughlin, Ireland

Brendan McIntyre, Ireland

Lucy Palmer, Brain Train, Singapore

Andrew Kisseh, Ghana, West Africa

The first student to complete the course in Ghana, West Africa!


Ewan Angove, Murraylands Christian College, South Australia

Chris S, Oxted TTRS Centre, England


Emilee Waye, South Australia

Shane Quinn, Castleknock Independent TTRS Centre, Ireland

Emer O'Doherty, Ireland


Paullius Mazeika, Ireland


David Fahy, Castleknock Independent TTRS Centre, Ireland

Joey Mongey, Castleknock Independent TTRS Centre, Ireland

Eimear O'Brien, Ireland

Ross Quinn, Castleknock Independent TTRS Centre, Ireland

Kevin Wright, Ireland

Shea Kinneen, Ireland


Derek K, Maynooth Computer Training, Ireland

Johanna H, St John’s Grammar School, Australia

Sandy B, Encounter Lutheran School, Australia

Liam B, Maynooth Computer Training, Ireland


Cian S, Maynooth Computer Training, Ireland

Dion D, Kimerick TTRS Centre, Ireland

James MK, Bailieborough Business Centre, Ireland

Jack F, Maynooth Computer Training, Ireland

Melinda L, Home User, Australia

Rachel C, N.Ireland

1st person in Northern Ireland to complete the TTRS Course!

Harrison F, Eleanor J, James H - Maidenhead TTRS Centre


Amelia W, Chislehurst, Kent, England

Aida H, Chislehurst, Kent, England

George F, Auckland, New Zealand

Andrew Leech, Castleknock Independent TTRS Centre, Ireland


Alison Pitcher, Castleknock TTRS Centre, Ireland

Ryan Dullaghan, Ireland

Rebekah Noakes, Trainy Days TTRS Centre, Bromley, England


Douglas Harrod, Central London TTRS Centre, England

Remy Rees-Goddard, Bromley College TTRS Centre, England