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Congratulations to all of our learners who are achieving great things with the TTRS Course!

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Student, Naas Library

Student, DTTTS, Berkshire, UK

Cruz Rossi, Sunnybrae Normal Primary School, Auckland, New Zealand


Rathijaa Gangatharan, Trainy Days, Bromley, England

Tom Chapman, The Dyslexia Association, Nottingham, England

Tom has been a delight to teach. Every week he has consistently worked hard. The result is that his literacy skills are greatly enhanced and his keyboard skills are extremely competent. Well done Tom! Dee Cuant, Course Leader

Ben Sanmogan, Trainy Days, Bromley, England

Student, St Edmund's School Canterbury

Grace Grimes. Naas Community Library, Ireland

Harry Horowitz, London

Congratulations on finishing the course Harry! All your hard work and dedication has paid off. You are the first student at The Roche School to complete the course. WELL DONE!!  Miss Doreen - The Roche School.


Helen Agnoli, Castleknock TTRS Centre, Ireland

Congratulations Helen on completing all 24 Levels of the TTRS course.  You have worked very hard over the past year to reach your goal of completion.  Week after week you had excellent scores, always in the high nineties!  Your positive attitude has helped you each week and your perseverance has really paid off. You now have a unique life skill.  Keep on setting goals throughout your life.  You can do it!  - Course Leader

Student, DTTTS

Well done! It was with great pleasure that I was able to help you learn the skills of touch-typing and to improve your reading and spelling.  I was very happy to witness how much you have grown in confidence since we first met and how well you are working at your spellings. Very best wishes for the future and keep taking your smiles wherever you go.  Best wishes Yvonne


Alex Cole, The Haven, Surrey, England

Dylan Mann-Shaw, The Dyslexia Association

Jeremy Filemon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jeremy is a 15 year-old student from Amsterdam with Autism Spectrum Syndrome (ASS) who really enjoyed working with the programme. He has faithfully worked on the modules one after the other and completed all 24 levels in 3 months. His spelling and pronunciation of English words have improved tremendously. His comment was, "Now I can pronounce many English words properly."


Joshua Hayward, Trainy Days, Bromley, UK



Matthew has achieved a perfect score of 100% on 5 occasions and has typed 169 modules at 95-99%. He now types at speeds up to 30 words per minute. Many congratulations. - Course Leader


Harry Collins, The Haven, Claygate - Surrey, UK

Well done Harry on completion of the course. You have worked so hard.

Miles Geal, Chichester TTRS Centre, UK

Tom Burke, Orpington TTRS Centre

Lily Fisher, Orpington TTRS Centre

Donna French, Maynooth Computer Training, Ireland

Eleanor Gibson, Sevenoaks TTRS Centre, UK

Ben Rice, Castleknock Independent Centre, Ireland

Congratulations Ben on completing all 24 levels of the TTRS course. I am so pleased that you have finally achieved your goal. You now have a skill for life which will help you with your schoolwork. You can see the results that can be achieved by hard work and perseverance, something that should remain with you for the rest of your life. Continue to set and achieve goals in your future. You now know you can do it! I will miss your pleasant personality in class. Carol Pitcher - Course Leader

Student, Durston House School, UK

Congratulations on completing the TTRS Course. Your perseverance and determination are an inspiration to other pupils. Course Leader 

Student, Auckland, New Zealand

You have shown great commitment to regularly typing the many modules and levels and worked hard to complete the course - well done! Course Leader


Maryanne Mc Breen, Baileborough Community Training


Maisie-Jay Kehoe, Kilcoole IT Centre, Ireland

Congratulations on completing our Touch-type Read and Spell course. You worked and concentrated very hard which resulted in continuous high scores and excellent typing skills. Your spelling improved dramatically as you progressed through the whole course. Well done Maisie-Jay and we wish you all the best in everything you do in the future. Rachel and Jane - Course Leaders

Luke Fisher, Farringtons School, UK

Femi Abatan, Farringtons School, UK

Lia Dowling, Knocklyon TTRS Centre, Ireland

Congratulations Lia on completing the entire TTRS course. Your accuracy & speed were superb. You can be extremely proud of obtaining fantastic scores every week & the perfect score of 100%. You now have a skill for life. You were an outstanding student & a pleasure to have in class, we will miss you. Every best wish for the future. Deirdre McAuliffe, Course Leader


Megan Saddler - Westminster School, Australia

Megan set the example to all other students in the way she committed herself to Touch Type Read and Spell. She has worked diligently, both at school and at home, to become the only Westminster student to complete the course within one calendar year. Well done Megan!


Ciara H

Ciara started the course at a very young age and made steady progress - she was prepared to listen and work hard and this really paid off for her. At the end of the course Ciara proved to be a fluent keyboard user, and this was achieved through her tenacity! I hope to see some of Ciara's wonderfully creative stories in print in the coming years!!

Angel C - Trainy Days TTRS Centre, Bromley, UK