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Touch-type Read and Spell is a highly accessible touch-typing solution that supports individuals in developing keyboarding and literacy skills. Read more about how others have used and benefited from TTRS in our case-study testimonials.

My son has dysgraphia and typing has helped him with his writing

Jennifer, Parent of a child with dysgraphia

My youngest son who is 11 right now has dysgraphia. He’s a very smart child who can write when he’s dictating as his thoughts are free-flowing, but the physical act of writing really frustrates him and gets in the way of his self-expression. I read about how typing might help with the dysgraphia and he started using Touch-type Read and Spell about three or four years ago. Since then, he’s just done wonderfully and that’s why we keep signing up.

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Adult learner with dyslexia who runs a guest house

Anna, Adult learner with mild dyslexia

I have mild dyslexia. Unfortunately, there was no help for me when I was younger, so I’ve always just struggled along. I run a guest house and when I write on the computer, it’s easier to cover up errors. In the first few weeks of Touch-type Read and Spell, I didn’t think I was getting much better. Then, when I was typing a letter out, I felt wow, I seem to be typing differently. Typing felt more automatic and I wasn’t overthinking the words and how to spell them, I was just doing it. I was typing faster and my fingers knew where they were going.

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Sally is a teacher in an after school special needs program where students use TTRS

Sally, Teacher in a special needs program

I run a special group on Wednesdays for children from local schools. While most of the students have learning differences, we have English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners and children with motor-skills difficulties too. Those who struggle with literacy skills benefit the most from TTRS. It gives them confidence and is a learning activity they look forward to. The children are always saying ‘When are we going to do our touch-typing?’

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Testimonials and Reviews






My daughter is 16, has Downs syndrome and is learning to type. Her low-muscle tone makes manual writing pretty difficult, and her verbal language can be hard to understand, but this course is opening doors for her! With typing she can get her thoughts and words down, so even people who don't know her can understand her. We love TTRS!

N. Finley , Parent of a teenager with Down syndrome

Every day is a struggle when you have severe dyslexia. This world isn’t set up for people who struggle with literacy and we need more tools like TTRS to help adults who are out there and suffering in silence. TTRS is one part of my dyslexia toolkit. I do my typing for a half hour every night. I put that in my schedule and make it a priority.

Martin, Adult learner with severe dyslexia

We were looking for typing software that would teach keyboarding, but also help students make progress in terms of literacy skills development. We chose Touch-type Read and Spell for this reason, and because it worked well for learners of different ages...

The program was so successful that we were able to introduce it as a group training activity at the Tramway Offices of the North Lancashire Training Group, at workshops in two local schools and as part of the local education offerings for young offenders.

North East Lancashire Dyslexia Association

What I like about TTRS is that it’s easy and straightforward to use. The first time I signed in to the program I was able to get started right away. I did two modules and felt confident and pleased with myself.

Annette, Adult learner with dyslexia

When I write emails I normally look up and there are about ten red lines with errors. Now it’s about half that, and that’s only from using TTRS for 3-4 weeks.

Samantha, Adult learner

It’s hard to know where to start when learning how to spell as an adult. It seems there are as many words that break the rules in English than that follow them; it’s so inconsistent. I’m enjoying doing the Touch-type Read and Spell course. I’m up to Level 3 of the first modules.

Brian, Retiree and youth mentor with dyslexia

Touch-type Read and Spell has been useful for me because it’s helping me with my touch-typing and my dyslexia.

TTRS Adult User

I had heard good things about TTRS and to be honest it wasn’t very expensive. I homeschool and this program has been invaluable. I would certainly encourage anyone on the fence to try it! With the new gamification that has been added and printable certificates, it just keeps getting better and better!

Christine, Parent

With TTRS the children enjoy it, it's quick to set up and it's easy to run. The literacy focus is also great and overall it is the best touch typing program I've used.

Teacher, Secondary school

This program is straightforward and easy to navigate. We have had an excellent experience moving through the levels and seeing regular progress. My son has become more confident not only in his keyboarding skills, but also in his decoding and reading.

Mark, Parent

With TTRS the children enjoy it, it's quick to set up and it's easy to run. The literacy focus is also great and overall it is the best touch typing program I've used.

Teacher, Middle school

TTRS was recommended to me by a colleague, and I'd also used it at a previous school. My experience with the program has always been very positive. For the students who have used it consistently, it has had a huge impact on their success.

Teacher, Elementary school

TTRS is easy to use, I like the short modules, and it seems to be working. The online access is great so pupils can work on it at home and in their own time if they are disciplined.

Specialist Teacher, High school

TTRS is a flexible program that meets a variety of learning needs.

Teacher, Sixth form

With TTRS the children enjoy it, it's quick to set up and it's easy to run. The literacy focus is also great and overall it is the best touch typing program I've used.

Teacher, Secondary school

TTRS was recommended to me by a colleague, and I'd also used it at a previous school. My experience with the program has always been very positive. For the students who have used it consistently, it has had a huge impact on their success.

Teacher, Primary school

TTRS is easy to use, I like the short modules, and it seems to be working. The online access is great so pupils can work on it at home and in their own time if they are disciplined.

Specialist Teacher, Secondary school

TTRS is a flexible program that meets a variety of learning needs.

Teacher, High school

My daughter is a perfectionist who wants to be the fastest typist in the household. My son is a different learner and is not concerned with typing speed. Both of them have started taking science subjects on TTRS and really like them. I also like that their typing lessons are reinforcing the vocabulary and concepts we're learning in other areas of our school day!

Maureen, Parent and homeschooler of 3 children

One of the things I like most about the Touch-type Read and Spell Course are the subjects. They have technical terms and definitions from science and math that you can practise typing. The vocabulary is something I can really benefit from.

Jen, Adult learner and homeschooling mum

My son will do five small modules a day. I ask him to complete three from the main course and then choose two from the subject-specific lessons in grammar, phonics, science, or maths. Having this kind of independent task to work on and being able to check off his progress gives him a real sense of completion.

Sheryl, Parent of an 11-year-old with dyslexia

My grandson was 14 when we started using TTRS and he has Down syndrome. He has a difficult time with small motor skills such as using a pencil. Over the two years that he used TTRS, he became quite competent at keyboarding, which helped him tremendously with his spelling.

S. Jordan , Grandparent of a learner with Down syndrome

I am a single parent of an adult child with Down syndrome who loves to type and copy words. She says it helps her. She is a visual learner and phonics is not working. We're excited to try typing.

TTRS user , Parent of an adult learner with Down syndrome

My adult child with Down syndrome can’t spell so we are trying TTRS for muscle memory and to build skills with computers. On her first try she completed a module and didn’t want to stop. Thanks for helping her as she is learning to type, spell, and do computer work all at once.

C. Larue , Parent of an adult learner with Down syndrome

My student with Down syndrome likes that he is able to teach himself typing and spelling. He considers it a sort of game and his dad is very pleased with the program. As a tutor, I'm most impressed because I was unable to break through the concept of phonics and reading with him. Yet several months into the TTRS program, he is reading words consistently in other books and "imagines" how the word might be typed when learning new words.

D. Dionne , Tutor of a learner with Down syndrome

All three of my kids 14, 9, and 5, love this program. They love to do it and have all gained a lot of typing skill. My son (14) has a lot of reading and spelling problems and this also really helps with his spelling as a hands-on way to practice, plus doing the same for my younger girls who are learning spelling.

Britt T., US , Parent

My seven-year-old daughter loves Touch Type Read and Spell. The student learns to type the individual letters in a word and then brings it all together by typing the word. This method works amazingly well for my mildly dyslexic daughter. Her spelling and reading confidence have improved using this program.

Valerie C., US , Parent

The subject areas offered are really awesome. We did the TTRS maths subjects for a while and now we're in science. Words are used in a sentence, you can preview them or not, you can have the word displayed or dictated. TTRS is so customizable. I love the whole package that you get with this program.

Lisa, Parent of a Year 7 student with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and apraxia

We are doing great and absolutely love the TTRS program. I recommend it to everyone I know!!!

Maribeth W., US , Parent

This program is excellent. My almost-seven year old has gained so much skill on the keyboard in a matter of weeks. I love this program. She is truly learning and enjoys sitting to practice.

Niurka M., US , Parent

We LOVE our TTRS subscription! I like that they can do it independently. My younger two like that they can see their grade and WPM with each lesson. My oldest has ASD, dyslexia and dysgraphia and is finally able to spell and write! He was so proud of himself when he discovered he could actually type comments while playing Minecraft and have other kids understand him.

T. Pye, US , Parent

My son doesn't even have to be reminded to do his typing --it's one aspect of homeschooling we don't argue about! He knows it only takes a few minutes, and with positive reinforcement and awards for levels completed he stays motivated. This is our second year using TTRS and we just renewed for a third. I tell other homeschool moms about the program because it's easy to use and reinforces spelling skills in addition to typing.

Wendy W., US , Parent

Great program! My boys would rather do this than a spelling lesson! They learn words right from the start and the words get harder as they go.

Andover Mom, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time to get results. My child's spelling is so much better now!

Renee Spadachene, US , Parent

10/10 I have been tutoring a student with Down syndrome using TTRS. He has made impressive progress after several months, this after I was not able to teach him with other methods. His self confidence also increased in the process.

Darlene Dionne, US , Tutor

10/10 This program has heaps of impact. The kids who are dyslexic love it!

Kelly, NZ , Teacher

10/10 I had heard good things about TTRS and to be honest it wasn’t very expensive. I homeschool and this programme has been invaluable. I would certainly encourage anyone on the fence to try it! With the new gamification that has been added and printable certificates, it just keeps getting better and better!

Christine Bradley, UK , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS as it had all of the components I was looking for: it taught typing using actual words, showed which fingers to use, and targeted spelling skills.

My children are in Lessons 12 and 14 and their spelling has drastically improved. I hear them say “I know how to spell that word, I learned it in typing!” all the time.

They can both type above 40 wpm (and have even reached 50 wpm!) with a great accuracy rate. I couldn’t be happier. They are in 4th and 6th grade.

Tonya LeVos, US , Parent

10/10 I teach dyslexic children. Students seem to like the structure of TTRS. Parents report progress at school and we sometimes hear back from past students who are now studying at university or working and using touch-typing in their jobs.

Heather Matthews, UK , Teacher

10/10 My kids really enjoy this typing program.

Alle Hitchcock, US , Parent

10/10 It’s just a brilliant learning system that my kids can use at their own pace and it’s helps their reading and spelling too.

Carrie Foster, UK , Parent

10/10 This is an excellent programme. It's easy to use and mange, and has excellent customer service.

Victoria Gallagher, UK , Teacher

10/10 This is an excellent programme that's helping me improve my knowledge and speed - I wish I had taken the course years ago!

Pip Johnston, UK , Student

There has been a marked improvement in my son’s spelling since he started using Touch-type Read and Spell.

More importantly, I have seen an almost 180° turn-around in his confidence and attitude towards spelling, reading and schoolwork in general.

I cannot thank TTRS enough for providing this course. The changes in my son are already profound and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring.

Samantha, CA , Parent of a child with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia

10/10 I wanted a typing program that would not add a lot of prep time for me. My children are able to log in to the program and do it on their own. They are both very impressive at typing now!

Sarah Landsbach, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is an excellent programme and is easy to deliver. Pupils respond positively to incremental progress and their confidence grows as they complete modules.

Angela Gorard, UK , Teacher

10/10 TTRS was recommended by a literacy professional. Both of our children can try to rush through it so they do need a little supervision to do it properly.

Bridget Kinnear, AU , Parent

10/10 TTRS was recommended to us. My son is using the program 2-3 times a week and it's going well.

Hannah Keegan, HK , Parent

10/10 My child was struggling in his typing class at school so I wanted him to practice with this program at home. He really enjoys the modules and it helped him bring his typing grade up to an A. It has also improved his spelling. We are very satisfied with the TTRS program.

Brittney Schramm , Parent

10/10 I loved everything about Touch-type Read and Spell. The systematic format, the typing, the focus for dyslexic children, the easy access, and the technology support.

Lesley, US

10/10 TTRS is an excellent programme which is easy to deliver and monitor. Pupils respond positively, making incremental progress, and their confidence grows as they complete more and more modules.

Angela Gorard, UK , Teacher

TTRS has been fantastic for my 10 year-old son. He is dyslexic and has been using the programme for 18 months. It has helped his writing ability and his confidence, as well as improving his spelling. As a teacher and a parent, I have happily recommended this programme to others with a similar need.

Gloria, UK , Parent

10/10 My son is doing very well with this program.

Heidi Threlkeld, US , Parent

10/10 This program has helped me a lot to learn touch-typing so I can use it in my school lessons.

Reuben Wiseman - UK , Student

8/10 I chose TTRS because my son has dysgraphia. He needs to know how to type and also needs help with his spelling. He's had a good experience with the program and enjoys the lessons.

Rhonda H, US , Parent

10/10 This program is straightforward and easy to navigate. We have had an excellent experience moving through the levels and seeing regular progress. My son has become more confident not only in his keyboarding skills, but also in his decoding and reading.

Mark Goodwin, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to use and makes it easy to monitor progress. It's a program that builds confidence and skills at a sustainable rate.

David Jackson , Parent

10/10 My son doesn’t mind using the program and he has made good process in his typing skills. TTRS also helps with his spelling.

Julie Chen, AU , Parent

10/10 This is a clear and easy to use typing program, which incorporates sentences.

Tammy Jeanes, UK , Parent

9/10 My son learns better from a computer so it was important for him to study touch-typing!

Emma Klasen, AU , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS because it used a familiar structure and it provided an opportunity for independent learning.
We've had a positive experience with the program. It increased the confidence of our pupils and the support/involvement of their parents.

Gail Murray, UK , Teacher

10/10 TTRS helps because it's typing and spelling in small modules. I look forward to using it in my upper level classes.

Debra Demers, US , Parent

10/10 We decided to use this program for my son to learn typing and to help with spelling. It has done both. He is 11 and already typing like a pro thanks to TTRS. This is a very well done and user-friendly typing program for all ages.

Stephanie Maughon, US , Parent

TTRS has been a great benefit to our family and I highly recommend it.

Randall, US , Parent

10/10 I love that my kids are learning typing while also reinforcing reading and spelling. I've been so impressed with their ability to complete the dictation modules with ease, being that they are 6 and 8 and we've only just begun homeschooling with more formal language arts instruction.

Rachael Pena, US , Parent

10/10 I like the fact that TTRS teaches reading skills, that it's laid out in very clear steps, with regular assessment, rewards and certificates, and that each module can be done in approx. 5 mins!

R. Gately, IE , Teacher

10/10 I chose TTRS because I wanted to help my students attain automaticity with spelling so their creative writing skills could flourish.

Alison Goff, UK , Tutor

10/10 My kids are learning how to type with TTRS.

Trisha Brandow, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS provides small manageable chunks of learning that my son with dyslexia and ADHD can manage without being overwhelmed. I have just recommended it to a friend yesterday!

Kathryn Reeves , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a great way to practice spelling and learn to keyboard. This program helped my students with their skill level and also their confidence!

Tara Thompson, US , Teacher

10/10 We chose TTRS because it covers a plethora of skills: typing, reading, and spelling and it boosts our son's confidence as a student struggling with dyslexia and dysgraphia. My son can easily get overwhelmed with added tasks, but TTRS is something he enjoys. He has more autonomy to choose how many lessons he wants to do. He has commented on how he remembers to spell the words after the drills. The typing is easy, and he usually does more than the required lessons. Children with learning difficulties need to feel successful and TTRS does just that, while addressing their learning needs. It’s a win-win for our family!

Lisa Mericle, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to use!

Janita McPharlin, US , Parent

10/10 I love the integration of typing, spelling and reading in TTRS! My kids can do it independently with me just occasionally checking that they are using the correct fingers.

Carrie Lee Brown, US , Parent

10/10 I have used TTRS before and did some research on its effects as part of my PGDip. I found the program is really useful for students who stick with it. Reading and spelling ability improves and the children seem more confident as they progress through the modules.

Mo Hammond, UK , Teacher

10/10 This program helps with more than just spelling. TTRS teaches the typing of high frequency words and helped with spelling even in handwriting. It gave my son more confidence in the classroom. I have recommended TTRS to others and will continue to do so.

Renae Hayman, AU , Parent

10/10 TTRS is an excellent programme with great instructions that are easy to follow and help increase confidence for students. It builds their English along with improving computer skills.

Beverley King, UK , Parent

10/10 Children like TTRS. It gives them the instant reward of seeing their scores improve and the progress they've made. At our school we use it mainly with dyslexic children and struggling writers.

Helen Holmes, UK , Teacher

10/10 Touch-type Read and Spell helped my son with dyslexia and dysgraphia become more confident in his typing and spelling.

Katherine Wright, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS has had a very positive impact on my son’s reading and spelling as well as developing the skill of touch-typing. I regularly recommend the programme to other parents and teachers.

Elizabeth Loly, UK , Parent

10/10 My kids love TTRS and it reinforces spelling while teaching them typing.

Kim Breen, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS has helped us improve typing and spelling.

Nadia Duffey, South Africa , Parent

Our 11 year-old daughter LOVES TTRS! She has faithfully done it 5 days a week for the past month and a half and is learning to type well. She is excited and is determined to get through all of the levels.

Shelli H , US , Parent

9/10 I heard about Touch-type Read and Spell from DAI Ireland. I find it's helpful to provide typing as a skill for my son with dyslexia. He has definitely improved since using the program.

Louise Keary, IE

10/10 I like TTRS because it helps my children improve their spelling while they learn how to type. Both of my children are making progress and it’s not a struggle to get them to sit down to learn.

Angela Stephens, US , Parent

10/10 I like TTRS. It has short lessons and is customizable ... I love the academic words section; it's very useful.

Lisa Rassi, US , Parent

We started using TTRS and saw a quick improvement in our learner's speed and accuracy. He has dysgraphia so this is a huge advance for his ability to communicate thoughts in written form!

Sawyer Dahlquist , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy for me to use and my child has learned how to type. It has also dramatically improved her spelling.

Lori Kelley - US , Parent

10/10 TTRS was recommended to me by a colleague, and I'd also used it at a previous school. My experience with the program has always been very positive. For the students who have used it consistently, it has had a huge impact on their success.

Jacqui Parnham, UK , Teacher

10/10 My child loves TTRS and is learning very quickly the correct way to type!

Trisha Woolley, US , Parent

10/10 My student was struggling with dysgraphia and dyslexia. This program is helping his confidence in both reading and writing.

Alesia Aaron - US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a great, easy, and inexpensive tool for learning how to type.

Angela Burke, IE , Parent

10/10 This program is very easy to use and so beneficial for our special needs.

Rachel Linch, US , Parent

We are really happy with TTRS so far. It was easy to set up and get going on the modules. The support has been great, with helpful email suggestions about how to get more out of the program with different customizations and features. I can see us benefiting from this for a long time and have been spreading the word to other families in my area!

Darcie L. - US , Parent

10/10 I decided to use TTRS to help my son with his spelling. As a bonus, he is learning to type. It has surely helped him with his spelling and has boosted his confidence as well. He is also typing pretty fast for a 13 yr old!

Aston Ayala, US , Parent

10/10 It's easy, fun and it works!!!

Yadira Baljian, US , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS as a typing program for my dyslexic daughter. She has only completed the first unit and already I can see her typing improving. I like the fact that it integrates hearing, seeing and spelling!

Mary Grimm, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a good course. It has proven to help my student with spelling and typing. My student likes it and is doing really well.

Becky Gulledge, US , Parent

10/10 We decided to use TTRS because it is phonics-based, multi-sensory, and takes an Orton-Gillingham approach. We knew we would be able to set goals for students regarding completion and accuracy, and that the program covers both typing and spelling. Our experience has been good ... typing and spelling skills have improved to a much higher degree than we expected. We would highly recommend TTRS, particularly to those students who will be relying on assistive technology.

Lisbeth Long, AU , Teacher

10/10 Touch-type Read and Spell is an awesome program all around. We have referred many of our homeschool friends.

Tara Wilson, US , Parent

10/10 Thanks to this program my son has learnt to type sufficiently well to be allowed to use his laptop in school, which is a massive help with his dyslexia. His spelling has also improved through using TTRS. Now my daughter is learning with it too. TTRS is far better than all of the free programmes that are cluttered with gimmicky games and cartoon characters. They simply distract from the job at hand, which is learning to type!

Claire Terry, UK , Parent

10/10 This program is a good value for money. My son enjoys doing it and can work on it unsupervised. He has learned to read, type, and spell, all in one go.

Frances Reid, UK , Parent

10/10 TTRS has been great for my son. He loves it. The modules aren’t long, so he gets a greater sense of accomplishment having gone through a few of them at once.

Tima Nisbet , Parent

10/10 We chose to use TTRS specifically to support our students with additional needs, to help with their spelling and fine motor skills, while also preparing them to type for their state examinations. This program is fantastic - it's very easy for students to use and easy for admins to track student progress. Our students have become very proficient typists in a relatively short period of time. It has also impacted positively on their spelling without them even realising it!! Their confidence has soared as a result and they will be ready to type for their state examination. We couldn't be happier with the impact TTRS has had.

Linda McCusker, IE , Teacher

I am using TTRS as a supplement to a homeschool curriculum for my child with dysgraphia and reading disabilities. He really likes it and I think it is very helpful!

Rylan Bell, US , Parent

I saw my son typing the other day and I was so impressed! For an 8 year old to use the correct fingers was awesome! Yesterday, he had to type in a URL when he was not using the TTRS program. I put black stickers on the keys on our keyboard so I know the letter locations were all from memory. He was able to do it! This is after using the Touch-type Read and Spell program for less than a month. I'm excited to see how his spelling and listening comprehension improve.

Amberly Chirolla, US , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS because we have children who have EHCPs where touch-typing is a necessary provision. I have seen many programmes but they didn't provide me with the assessment and evidence supplied by TTRS. TTRS combines phonics/spelling and reading with touch typing so it has become an integral part of each child's individual learning programme in our SpLD Centre. Moreover, the children love TTRS - they are motivated to achieve a green traffic light and will happily re-do a level to achieve a better score.

Debbie Burdett, UK , Teacher

Both my children have begun using TTRS and their typing skills are improving. I couldn't be happier.

Letty, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS has a clean and smart interface. It teaches words, not letters and combines spelling with learning to type.

Susan Johnson, US , Parent

10/10 I have autistic students who struggle staying on task and one student who is both autistic and dyslexic. The auditory component of TTRS makes a HUGE difference. They also get "learning fatigue" and having a program that incorporates learning to type with spelling and reading means they can accomplish more learning in less time!

Heather Gratton, US , Parent

10/10 The kids are proud of their progress in TTRS and I am thankful for a program they can do independently while also learning a great skill.

Kelli Smith, US , Parent

Our son has Down Syndrome. The repetition is very helpful and the year is not yet up. This is our second year through this.

Keith Hartstrom, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is the only typing program I have found for my visually impaired daughter that she doesn’t struggle with.

Karen Orr, CA , Parent

10/10 This program helps with spelling and touch typing. It is modular and has a great user interface.

Louise Boulton, UK , Parent

10/10 TTRS has an excellent format.

David Percy, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS was recommended to us via an SLD assessment service. It’s a very professional program which is developing a skill that will make our students' lives easier in the future. It hides the act of learning spelling and turns it into a fun typing activity.

Abby Robertson, NZ , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a great typing and spelling program. It's a perfect fit for our needs.

Alison Jessup, AU , Parent

10/10 This program is user friendly for the parent and the student. My 14 year old daughter loves it, and she is not bored with it. It challenges her, has improved her spelling and has given her confidence. I love that she enjoys the program.

Patricia Pharris, US , Parent

10/10 My daughter has dyslexia. I like the auditory, visual, and tactile nature of the TTRS program because it helps with her short term memory issues.

Anne Stahl, US , Parent

10/10 All of our students and teachers love this program!

Leona McKay, CA , Teacher 

10/10 Not only does TTRS teach a student how to type more efficiently, it really does reinforce proper language usage. I have used it with several students who have learning disabilities, and their understanding of spelling, vocabulary, proper grammar and punctuation has improved.

Lorie Briggs, US , Teacher

10/10 TTRS was recommended to me by an Educational Psychologist. I have had an excellent experience with the program and the customer service has been brilliant. My students really enjoy it.

Hayley Chipman, UK , Teacher

10/10 The British Dyslexia Association recommended this program to us.

Sheryl Baker, UK , Parent

9/10 This is the best programme I have seen for children to learn touch typing.

Chris Ormandy, NZ , Teacher

10/10 I decided to use TTRS because it allows children to be more independent. There is very little required parental involvement. My child enjoys using the program and his confidence level has improved.

Y. Ho, CA , Parent

10/10 I believe that in this day and age children need typing skills more than they need handwriting skills. The children request to use the Touch-type Read and Spell program - which is great!

Richard Banning, HK , Parent

10/10 TTRS was recommended to me by a teaching colleague. My experience and the experience of my students using the program has been very positive. It has helped to improve my students' overall spelling ability and their knowledge of sentence structure and punctuation. It has also helped with their speed and accuracy when doing word processing.

Wendy Malone, IE , Teacher

10/10 My kids love TTRS. They are learning the home row keys AND reinforcing their understanding of spelling rules.

Cheryl Sandford, US , Parent

10/10 I like that TTRS is a multi-sensory way to learn to spell and type at the same time.

Lory Denney, US , Parent

10/10 I am a homeschooling mom of a 13-year old who has dyslexia and struggles with spelling. Since we found Touch-type Read and Spell his spelling has improved dramatically! He is also excited to learn and enjoys seeing his 100% scores. My son will even re-do some modules that aren't 99% so that he can get a perfect score. The program is very organized, making it extremely easy for our son to self-direct his learning. He does 15-30 minutes a day and has progressed remarkably in only a few months. We cannot recommend TTRS enough! The staffs are also wonderful, checking in regularly to see how everything is going. Thank you for creating a program that is not only fun, but effective!

Jennifer Daley, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is a great, helpful program.

Jonathan Weiss, Tanzania , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to manage, deliver, and track. It has also produced good results in terms of the progress children have made.

Tineke van der Ploeg, UK , Teacher

10/10 I would highly recommend TTRS for children to help them gain confidence in typing while learning to read and spell. As touch typing is of such great importance to children with reading and writing difficulties, we felt TTRS would, to put it simply, do two jobs. We had six students on the programme this year and they really grew in confidence as they progressed. The sense of achievement as they moved on to the next level was fantastic. They were succeeding and gaining valuable experience along the way.

Claire O' Connor, IE , Teacher

10/10 My son's spelling scores on standardized tests were low initially but they've gone up 10% each year I have used the TTRS program.

Amy McCranie, US , Parent

I purchased this program for my son. When my other children observed him learning to type, they begged to use the program too. Now two of my sons are learning with TTRS. It serves as a motivator to get them to do their other school work. Thank you for making this program!

Willi, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS supported my son at school and helped him to reach his full potential.

Carrie Foster , Parent

10/10 Typing is so important today that I wanted my special needs daughter to have a strong foundation in it. What a bonus TTRS also helps her with spelling and reading.

Catherine Linson, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS worked great for my daughter after we had tried a couple of other programs that didn’t. She is dyslexic, and the combination of visual and audio, the use of actual words in the typing lessons, and the instant gratification of seeing her own progress, made this a great fit. Now my son has started it, too. It’s hard to quantify how it has helped with reading and spelling. But as I watch my son do the program, I am excited for those connections being made while he learns keyboarding.

Julianne Davis, US , Parent

9/10 TTRS is a great program for my child who has dyslexia.

Jennifer Garcia, US , Parent

10/10 Touch-type Read and Spell is the best program out there. It's user friendly and has had a huge impact as they are learning a new life skill.

Amanda McLeod, UK , Tutor

10/10 TTRS has a great format and it works. My granddaughter who has ADHD and dysgraphia (and can't control a pencil well) loves typing and all her school work seems more fun with typing. She's 10 and is up to 20 wpm!

TTRS User , Grandmother

10/10 TTRS has had an excellent impact at the Cork Institute of Technology.

Teacher - CIT

10/10 My son was diagnosed with dysgraphia last year; writing is such a struggle for him. We tried 5 other typing programs before we found TTRS. All of the other programs brought him to tears for one reason or another, even the program Typing Without Tears! Then we came to TTRS and his whole world has opened up! Now he's learning to type, his spelling is improving and he's able to get his ideas onto paper for the first time in his 11 years! I tell everyone about TTRS, especially in my dysgraphia Facebook groups. My son no longer feels stupid for not being able to do assignments that others his age can do. Onward and upward from here. Thank you TTRS!

Christina Broerman, US , Parent

10/10 Unlike other typing programs, TTRS builds confidence, not frustration.

Lisa Franz, US , Parent

10/10 My son has dyslexia so I sent him to a local teacher who uses Touch-type Read and Spell. She suggested that extra practise would be useful so now we have TTRS at home too. My son loves the progress he is making. We are hoping that he will be proficient by the time he gets to secondary school so that he can type more of his work, as he struggles to write longer content. I would highly recommend the course.

Anna Parfitt, UK , Parent

I originally chose Touch-Type Read and Spell to improve my child's spelling - he has dyslexia and his spelling was atrocious. The reading help and touch-typing were added benefits. He LOVES this program, especially the speaker's British accent, and actually requests to use it, which for me, is half the battle. When he embraces a learning tool, I know he'll use it and benefit from it. Since he started, I've seen great improvement in homework completion speed and spelling, not to mention typing accuracy. He's also become more confident. I highly recommend this program.

Amy F., US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is second to none in supporting and meeting the needs of my dyslexic student.

Julie Hayes, UK , Parent

9/10 I have several dyslexic children and I like the way TTRS uses phonetic patterns for typing lessons that reinforce spelling.

Rachel Turner, NZ , Parent

10/10 TTRS is very user-friendly and leads to success.

Ann Smiley, US , Tutor

10/10 I was looking for a typing program and love the combination of typing with literacy skills. My son does his TTRS lessons happily and without complaint, never realizing he's working on anything more than just typing. This is as his reading and spelling skills improve thanks to TTRS!

Kim Carr, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to use, has a flexible subscription that works for small schools, and the children enjoy doing it.

Christine Flowers, UK , Teacher

10/10 TTRS is affordable and doesn't take too much time to work on. It's also fun and educational. This program helped my child learn sight words and word families and it boosted his self-esteem. He didn't regress over the summer, and he finished 5th grade on level with A&B Honor Roll.

Jessica Payan, US , Parent

10/10 I use TTRS for both of my children and it’s brilliant and easy for them to do. The kids enjoy computer time and I tell all of my friends about TTRS. It’s such an important skill for everyone to learn, regardless of their learning ability.

Ruth Vanni, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS supports spelling as well as typing. It's great for dyslexic children. I like the fact that kids who have never experienced high marks have a chance to earn them with this program.

Sarah Unwin, UK , Tutor

TTRS is a fantastic affordable program! My kids love it!

Joy H, US , Parent

10/10 I think this program is very useful. Many of our students have improved their spelling levels thanks to TTRS.

Mo Hammond, UK , Teacher

I love the TTRS course and can't say enough about how it has helped my daughter, who has learning difficulties with language, and my son who doesn't struggle with learning difficulties but is just not a natural speller.

Hilary Kustermans, CA , Parent

10/10 We chose TTRS to increase our spelling and typing skills. We all love the program, especially now that we can find and learn the meaning of new words with the in-app dictionary.

Cindy Affleck, CA , Parent

10/10 TTRS reinforces touch-typing skills in a motivating way whilst also reinforcing spelling patterns.

Gaynor O'Ryan, UK , Teacher

10/10 We chose TTRS to teach my daughter to type and to improve her spelling because it uses the Orton Gillingham approach. It is very easy to use and she enjoys doing it. She is improving and we look forward to continuing!

Melissa, AU , Parent

10/10 I have 3 children who have been using TTRS for over a year now. The oldest has autism, dyslexia and dysgraphia, and can now spell confidently for the first time ever! His younger brother and sister do not have any learning disabilities but have always been reluctant readers and writers. With a year of TTRS the "mum how do you spell..." questions have dropped way down. It doesn't take much of my time to do/organize, only a few moments to check that they don't need to redo a lesson, or being in the room while they do it to be sure they are following the rules.

Tammy P., US , Parent

9/10 I used TTRS in a previous workplace and found it to be a great resource and training tool.
The programme was very easy to use and it gave students confidence. Everything was at their pace and they could build skills incrementally.

Angelina Hamill, IE , Tutor

8/10 Touch-type Read and Spell is easy to use and helps children acquire a much-needed skill today. I really like the way typing is taught with TTRS as it has helped my daughter with her reading and spelling too.

Erin Kassam, CA , Parent

10/10 This program has helped our daughter improve her English, become faster at writing and typing, and learn new vocabulary. She studies all of the time and is doing much better at school now. Thank you TTRS.

Siva Siva, UK , Parent

10/10 I was looking for an online typing program and both of my children struggle with spelling. We have tried many different spelling solutions and I thought TTRS was a unique way to tackle spelling and typing at the same time. TTRS has definitely helped my children learn to type and it certainly hasn't hurt their spelling either!

Michelle van der Merwe, US , Parent

10/10 I chose TTRS because I really like the structure of the course - and also that it helps with reading and spelling. I have 4 children using it; my eldest 2 are now proficient typists and use it for their GCSE coursework and the younger 2 are working steadily through the main course's lessons. My daughters love being able to type up their school assignments so quickly.

Julie Marriner, UK , Parent

10/10 We started using TTRS on the recommendation of my child's teacher. It's truly the only programme we have found worth using and it's very effective at teaching the skill of typing.

Carrie Olson, US , Parent

10/10 It has helped my dyslexic son to solidify what he has been learning.

Carole Hill, US , Parent

10/10 My son is dyslexic and this program has helped him with his spelling and reading. Plus he isn’t frustrated by it!

Heather Bradley, US , Parent

10/10 I have a student using TTRS and he likes the modules and the way each one is organized. This student tried another keyboarding program after the free trial but wanted to switch back to TTRS. He's having success and likes the immediate feedback the program gives.

Jill Menser , Private Tutor

10/10 TTRS is a great way to work on three skills at once and it only uses up a few minutes in a day. It's easy to make progress, and the kids find it enjoyable! I have seen their spelling improve and watched them apply their touch-typing skills to use other programs. I love anything that makes learning more efficient!

Beth Swan, US , Parent

10/10 Both of my children have used TTRS - it's a great program!

Alex, UK , Parent

10/10 Touch-type Read and Spell improved my dyslexic son's spelling and his confidence with language.

Katie Whitehead, UK , Parent

10/10 TTRS was recommended to me by some friends. It was easy to set-up. My 9-year old dyslexic son is able to use it with little or no help from me, and it progresses at his pace. If he is not happy with his score, he can chose to repeat that lesson again and again.

Frances Reid, UK , Parent

10/10 I love how the TTRS program is set up. It has a very simple but effective design. My son practices about 30 minutes a day without complaint. His typing skills are much better and his spelling has improved.

Jamie Cassman, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS is helping my children learn to type. It reinforces and teaches spelling, and is a fun way for them to increase their keyboarding skills.

Paula Foster, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS has a very clean platform that focuses on incremental spelling.

Susan Johnson, US , Homeschooler

10/10 TTRS is a brilliant program. It has built my son’s skills up so he has learned to type gradually, soundly and with confidence.

Jeanie G, UK , Parent

10/10 TTRS is easy to follow and progress is made very quickly.

Julie Litwinko, UK , Parent

10/10 I like that TTRS teaches reading and spelling at the same time as touch typing.

Eleanor Blakey, NZ , Parent

TTRS is easy for students to work on alone. They enjoy the program and it works well for typical students as well as those with special needs. The directions are straightforward. We just began our 3rd subscription!

Julie M., US , Parent

10/10 I liked the format and reasonable cost for TTRS. My children enjoyed the trial and we have kept up the practice even now.

Ruth Walsh, UK , Parent

10/10 TTRS has two subjects in one. My student can work on it independently, it’s dyslexia friendly, and it has helped her spelling and typing skills!

Jane Cox, US , Parent

10/10 We use TTRS for our students who have dyslexia or dyspraxia. It has been very successful so far. The students using it have improved their confidence, their typing skills have improved and they've told us how much their spelling has improved too!

Linda McCusker , Deputy Principal

10/10 My kids seem to be making progress, and they are only using it a few minutes a day!

Maureen Bessingpas, US , Parent

9/10 TTRS is an excellent tool to support children in their learning, particularly those students who struggle with dyslexia and/or other learning difficulties.

Eamon McClorey, IE , Teacher

My kids are progressing nicely with this program! They have competitions to see who can get the highest score for accuracy and it is very entertaining to watch. Sometimes, before they start, I hear them say "I'm going to get a 100% this time, I just know it."

All three are in the first level and it has really been a wonderful program for them. I'm finding that they self-regulate very well. When they aren't ready to move on to the next module, they will re-do the one before. This is very encouraging to me because they aren't just trying to hurry through it but are following the method and doing well before moving forward.

Julie Baniewicz, US , Parent

10/10 This program is well-designed. It teaches children how to touch-type while they learn to spell.

Emiliana Stanley-Jones, AU , Parent

10/10 My daughter loves TTRS and I can see a difference in her spelling and reading already. She is also learning vocabulary.

Keenya Bert, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS teaches touch-typing and reinforces spelling and reading skills, that's why we like it so much!

Tamsin Mathers, AU , Parent

My daughter loves this typing course, and is actually excited to do it! She practices the lessons several times a week and I have seen a dramatic improvement in her skills, even after just a few lessons. I recommend this program to everyone I know who is looking for a typing program!

Calley Seibert, US , Parent

10/10 TTRS works great for learners with dyslexia and struggling spellers.

Magdalena Hosburgh, US , Parent

9/10 It incorporates typing and spelling in short chunks and is highly motivating to the dyslexics i work with.

Lauren Trezise, UK , Educator

10/10 TTRS is an excellent program that allows a person to work at their own pace.

Tina Rowland, UK , Educator

10/10 TTRS is really working for my children.

Deb L, US , Parent

I purchased a TTRS subscription for my two children who are ages 7 and 11. They both love it. The older one logs in by herself and knows exactly where to go to get started. For the younger one I still log her in, but once there she takes off and I can let her work independently. I usually set 15 minutes for them to work on it but they often ask to keep typing for up to 30 minutes. I love the report that is sent to my email at the end of each day telling me how they did. I have tried other programs for typing but nothing has worked as well as Touch-type Read Spell. My oldest struggles with dyslexia and this has helped her with her spelling as well. I would highly recommend the program to anyone.

C. Downing, US , Parent

10/10 All of my students love the TTRS program. We are seeing a lot of improvement in their typing.

Leona McKay, CA , Teacher

10/10 My son's friend was talking about doing his TTRS lessons, so we decided to try them too. This program is incredible. I’m a teacher by profession and I haven’t seen anything that compares with it. Thanks to TTRS, my kids are feeling more confident about taking an online writing class where they will be typing everything. They are in 4th and 6th grades.

Tonya LeVos, US , Parent

9/10 This program is effective and not too expensive.

Nick Church, UK , Parent

10/10 TTRS really works!

Mark O'Sullivan, Cayman Islands , Parent

10/10 My children actively enjoy the TTRS course. It doesn't take too long and really helps with spelling.

Richard Banning, HK , Parent