Alan, Adult with severe dyslexia learning to read

United Kingdom

Alan struggles with dyslexia. He spent much of his life avoiding reading and writing. Before beginning TTRS, he struggled to understand even simple text like instructions and signs in shops. He couldn't sit down and write an email or letter to friends - his dyslexia was severely affecting his life. 

When Alan joined a literacy and numeracy class at a local college, as part of his learning program, he embarked on a touch-typing course. He chose TTRS which provided a systematic and structured approach to helping individuals with dyslexia master literacy skills and keyboarding.

With plenty of encouragement and perseverance, he began regular practice with the TTRS program. He learned to type slowly but surely and is now able to read and write most high frequency English words.

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He has begun using text messages and experimenting with sending emails. He picks up occasional newspaper articles and decodes as many words as he can. At work Alan can at last contribute to estimates and creating invoices.

As a result of these newfound literacy efforts, Alan has found his confidence again and has a sense of self-worth and a more positive outlook on life that shines through in everything he does.

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An adult learner with dyslexia uses keyboarding course to improve literacy skills