Science, Math, and English lessons


Unlock subject content with touch-typing and increase confidence in the classroom


There are 3 ways to use our subject specific typing lessons*

Prepare for the year ahead

Supplement and support current coursework

or Review and reinforce material previously learnt


  • Improve reading fluency and spelling accuracy for subject-specific vocabulary
  • Learn key concepts and definitions through transcription exercises
  • Make it easier and faster to type classroom notes, homework assignments, essays and open-answer questions on quizzes and exams
  • Build confidence and foster independence through self-directed learning

Why study a subject using the TTRS approach?

  • Input is provided in a multi-sensory way that can boost retention: hear it, see it, type it
  • Bite-sized modules encourage a learner to review and repeat until they are ready to move on
  • The TTRS platform can accommodate learners with a wide-range of specific learning differences and physical impairments

Some children struggle to sound-out and spell subject-specific vocabulary. This is particularly true in the math and science where key terminology is more likely to contain unfamiliar spelling patterns. As a learner encounters a greater percentage of unknown words, reading comprehension decreases and the experience can quickly become both frustrating and de-motivating.

While students may attribute their lack of success to not being gifted in a particular subject area, many will benefit from increased exposure to key words, which helps with decoding, sight-reading and spelling, but also reinforces information in memory.

The TTRS approach assists learners in developing their understanding of concepts and internalising vocabulary through repetition and multi-sensory typing activities.

More for teachers

  • Assign subject modules for homework and extra-credit, or use them as a lesson opener
  • Export TTRS wordlists for use in structured writing projects
  • Evaluate problem words for individual learners and see at a glance which vocabulary and concepts your class could benefit from added instruction in


Which ages are these lessons for?

TTRS currently offers subject-content for students in third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade, junior high, and high school. Content may also be appropriate for older learners looking to enhance their understanding of a particular subject area.

Are they common-core aligned?
We've hired teachers from elementary and high school programs across the US to create our lessons to a broad standard.

Can I preview the content?
Parents and teachers can view lesson content by clicking on modules via their administrator log-in.

What if the content is too hard?
We don't expect a student to master a subject through typing alone. However, the added practice provided by TTRS modules can make reading easier and reduce the learning burden for key concepts and vocabulary - giving a child a greater chance of attaining success in the classroom.

Will you test students on content?
We plan to! TTRS has built a series of content-related quizzes to check a student's understanding of key concepts and display answers with the goal of reinforcing material in memory. Taking the quizzes is optional. This feature should become available on the platform in late 2018.

Can I suggest content?
Yes! We have created a form that allows you to enter the subject-specific content you'd like to make available as a typing lesson on the TTRS platform. You can either choose to have it be a private subject or something any user on the platform can take. To get started visit this form:

Which subjects will you build next?
We're open to suggestions! Send us an email and let us know if there's a particular subject you'd like to see.

TTRS Subjects: 3rd Grade Science, 4th Grade Science, 5th Grade Science, Middle School Science, Junior High Science, Elementary School Math, Middle School Math, Junior High Math, Geometry, Algebra

*Note subject-based lessons are most appropriate for learners who have successfully completed the first three levels of the main TTRS curriculum and/or learners who are already able to type using all of the keys on the keyboard