For learners with dyslexia

A program designed to get children and young-adults
with dyslexia touch-typing, with additional
support for reading and spelling

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With Touch-type Read and Spell …

Learning is multi-sensory

Material is presented in bite-size chunks

Individuals set the pace of study

Initial focus is on accuracy vs. speed

Progress is displayed in easy-to-read charts

An online program for users of all ages and ability levels

Watch them build confidence and skill as they complete module after module and begin to type!

  • Learn keyboarding in a dyslexia-friendly way
  • Become a more confident speller and boost reading fluency
  • Foster independence through self-directed learning

The TTRS Course teaches typing and strengthens spelling and reading ability at the same time

  • Learn to type, read and spell 4,500+ English words
  • Harness muscle memory in the fingers to help with spelling
  • Whole word approach from the start
  • Structured and supported learning

An online program for users of all ages and ability levels. TTRS is recommended by the British Dyslexia Association and takes a multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham based approach.

Getting started

  • Log in from a laptop, iPad or desktop computer
  • Add an avatar and choose your favorite keyboard display
  • Turn on ‘show hands’ to provide guidance on finger placement
  • Select a dyslexia-friendly font like Open Dyslexic
  • See, hear and type English letters, words, phrases and sentences
  • Keep track of scores and review your progress
  • Earn badges, awards and printable certificates


Advantages of typing for individuals with dyslexia

  • Typing makes it easier to produce clear and legible text
  • Writing on a computer opens up access to spelling and grammar checks
  • A phonics-based curriculum reinforces literacy skills
  • Regular keyboarding sessions lower anxiety and build stamina
  • Positive feedback boosts self-esteem and confidence for learners with a history of educational failure

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