Case studies: Adults

An adult learner with dyslexia uses keyboarding course to improve literacy skills

Alan, Adult learner with dyslexia

Before beginning TTRS, Alan struggled to understand even simple text like instructions and signs in shops. With plenty of encouragement and perseverance, he began regular practice with the TTRS program. He learned to type and is now able to read and write most high frequency English words. He has begun using text messages, experimenting with sending emails and can at last contribute to estimates and creating invoices at work.

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Adult learner

Brian, Adult learner with dyslexia

I've worked my whole life as an engineer but I've struggled with severe dyslexia. When I used to do e-mails it was a nightmare, but now, what would take me half an hour I can do in five minutes. It's been two years since I started using the Touch-type Read and Spell course and my reading has improved significantly. I read every day and it’s a pleasure. My spelling has definitely improved too. Certain words are just “there” where before I would have struggled with them. TTRS has given me confidence.


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English typing intervention

Maria, English language learner with dyslexia

Maria is a doctor from South America who has dyslexia. She settled in the UK four years ago and speaks English as a second language. Before TTRS, Maria used to type slowly and inaccurately with two-fingers. Now she is faster at the computer, makes fewer errors, and writes more professionally. Her typing skills have boosted her confidence in the workplace. She's also noticed benefits to her pronunciation and English vocabulary.

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