Anna-Maria, Parent of a child with dyslexia

United States

My older son uses Touch-type Read and Spell. We’ve been using it since he was about 10, although we didn’t know at the time that we started that he was dyslexic. We knew his spelling was below level and I had suspected the dyslexia, but it’s only recently that we’ve had a formal assessment.

I wanted him to learn typing because he struggled with handwriting and spelling and I knew that the sooner he learned to type, the better. I chose TTRS because of the literacy skills support.

We tend to use the program about four times a week. He enjoys it, it’s not distracting, and he does it on his own. I try to look at what he’s doing every now and then and I know he does well on the modules, which is a big confidence builder.

In fact, I’ve noticed a big difference in his confidence all around. We work through several different intervention programs but thanks to the TTRS he can type things out for other school work, which is great!

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