Alle, Homeschooler of two children

United States

I homeschool my children who are in fourth and fifth grade. A couple of years ago I was looking for a typing program, as I wanted them to have keyboarding skills.

We got Touch-type Read and Spell primarily for typing, but with the phonics support it’s benefited their spelling skills as well.

They both do one lesson a day. TTRS is the first time they’ve actually enjoyed learning typing and I think it’s because of how they can see their improvements and progress.

It motivates them. They love telling me they got a 99% today and showing me the graph that has their scores on the different modules.

I’ve noticed they’re more confident and that there’s been an improvement in their ability to sound out words too. I think the multi-sensory approach has absolutely worked for them.

Now, when they have long writing assignments, they always opt for typing their final papers. This is because they have solid typing skills thanks to TTRS.

We also created email accounts for them. They’re more engaged with technology and it’s great to see them using it in a productive and positive way to communicate with friends and family members.

Neither of my kids have learning difficulties but they’ve really thrived with the Touch-type Read and Spell program all the same!

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A typing program that worked for my two kids and helped them with spelling and sounding out words too