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Touch-type Read and Spell is a highly accessible touch-typing solution that supports individuals in developing keyboarding and literacy skills. Read more about how others have used and benefited from TTRS in our case-study testimonials.

My son has dysgraphia and typing has helped him with his writing

Jennifer, Parent of a child with dysgraphia

My youngest son who is 11 right now has dysgraphia. He’s a very smart child who can write when he’s dictating as his thoughts are free-flowing, but the physical act of writing really frustrates him and gets in the way of his self-expression. I read about how typing might help with the dysgraphia and he started using Touch-type Read and Spell about three or four years ago. Since then, he’s just done wonderfully and that’s why we keep signing up.

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help my son write

Amy, Parent of a child with dyslexia

We used the Touch-type Read and Spell course to teach my ten-year-old son typing, in order to help him with his writing. Since he learned typing, he’s more able to express himself in writing. He’s also more confident because he knows he can keep up in the classroom and do homework and other school assignments on the computer. His typing skills have improved significantly - he’s even trying coding lessons this year!

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An adult learner with dyslexia uses keyboarding course to improve literacy skills

Alan, Adult learner with dyslexia

Alan struggles with dyslexia. Before beginning TTRS, he struggled to understand even simple text like instructions and signs in shops. With plenty of encouragement and perseverance, he began regular practice with the TTRS program. He learned to type and is now able to read and write most high frequency English words. He has begun using text messages and experimenting with sending emails. He picks up occasional newspaper articles and at work Alan can at last contribute to estimates and creating invoices.

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Testimonials and Reviews