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General Questions

  1. How does Touch-type Read and Spell work?

    TTRS is modular in design and contains twenty-four levels with thirty modules in each level. Each module takes approximately five to ten minutes to complete. Continual success is encouraged, as immediate feedback is given at the end of each module with positive reinforcement.  


    The course starts simply with the vowels -  learning to touch-type read and spell -  " a , e , i , o , u " . The student then receives their first score - and success! 


    In the second level, the student is introduced to words grouped by onset, vowel-blend and final consonant. For example - fed, wed, led. This teaches phonics in context and at the same time the student is learning how to touch-type. With repetition, these words move from short-term to long-term memory. Repetition is a teaching aid used to learn facts, figures and in the case of TTRS - the spelling of words. Some students with dyslexia have problems with their short-term memory. Repetition is a way of “over-learning” which can help with these problems. TTRS uses a a multi-sensory approach to repetition learning.


    Through the multi-sensory approach, students hear the words through earphones, see the words printed on the screen, and see what fingers to press via the on-screen keyboard. Finally, through the sense of touch, they spell out the words with their fingers, and students learn to “spell with their fingers”.

  2. How do I know this will work with my child?

    The best way to find out is to trial the TTRS course with your child - You can start online within minutes. If you are not convinced within 10 days we will refund your money.

  3. I'm just looking for a touch-typing program

    The TTRS course can be used primarily as a touch-typing solution. The on-screen hands and keyboard shows the correct fingering positions and voice tuition reinforces the correct technique.

    On average, students become confident at touch-typing with TTRS within 12 hours.

  4. Is there an iPad / Tablet version?

    Yes - an iPad App is available. Search for 'TTRS' in the App Store.

    TTRS is a free app for all existing subscribers of TTRS Online. 

  5. Do I need any special equipment?

    You only need a keyboard (preferably a full sized keyboard),  speakers or headphones which come with most standard computers. A broadband internet connection is also required.

    The iPad App, which is now available, requires a Bluetooth keyboard and an internet connection.

  6. By whom is the TTRS course used?

    Over the past 22 years, thousands of homes, schools and colleges have used the TTRS course successfully.

    TTRS is currently used by a growing number of Dyslexia Associations throughout the UK and internationally - including Oxford, Ealing, Cumbria, Nottingham, and the British Dyslexia Association.

  7. Does TTRS teach the student how to touch-type?

    Yes. The built-in tuition introduces touch-typing immediately from the first module.
    Touch typing is the skill that enables a person to type, without looking at the keyboard to find the correct keys. With this skill, a student with dyslexia has a distinct advantage in a number of areas. As some dyslexic students have trouble with handwriting, both from a speed and readability standpoint, typed work will therefore be an improvement. In certain circumstances, students may be allowed to use computers in state examinations.

  8. How much time should be spent using the course?

    The program is designed to go at the student's own pace. An average time is approximately one to two hours per week but it will depend on the child. The course gives praise when each section is completed and this helps keep the student intrinsically motivated.

  9. Can I have a trial of TTRS to see it works/what the programme is like?

    The Home Course comes with a 10 day money back guarantee for both the monthly and annual subscriptions.  Simply inform us if you are not 100% satisfied, and we will refund your card immediately.
    Click here to order the home course with 10 day money back guarantee.

  10. Who has written the content?

    Touch-Type Read and Spell (TTRS) is based on exercises taken from the classic book 'Alpha to Omega' by Beve Hornsby, Frula Shear and Julie Pool, with acknowledgments to the pioneering work of Anne Gillingham, Bessie Stillman and Samuel Orton in the US, and its UK implementation by Sally Childs.

    TTRS was established in 1992 with the kind help and assistance of: the Rev. Dr. Jessica Aidley; Jean Hutchins of the British Dyslexia Association Computer Committee; Marjorie Lishman of the London Borough of Bexley Advisory Service; Brother Matthew Sasse; Irene Heskett; Pam Morley and The North Kent Dyslexia Association; Dr. Beve Hornsby of the Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre

  11. From which age is TTRS suitable for?

    We recommend from 7 years upwards, as the hands are usually large enough to use a full-sized keyboard.
    TTRS is also suitable for adults.

  12. Can I cancel the monthly subscription at anytime?

    Yes - The monthly licence has no on-going commitment and can be canceled at any time. Just contact us and we will cancel the subscription immediately and no further payments will be taken.

    Click here to order the home course with a 10 day money back guarantee 

  13. Is there a USA voice and spelling option?

    Yes- 'US' voice and spelling is automatically selected for clients in the United States

  14. We currently use TTRS Classic, can we transfer existing users across to TTRS Online?

    Yes - Once you have an online login then you can export from Classic and import to TTRS Online. Students can then continue their progress online. There is a video to demonstrate how to do this within the support section of TTRS Online.

  15. Is TTRS Online PC and Mac compatible?

    Yes. TTRS Online is compatible with:
    - Windows XP or higher
    - Mac OS X 5 or higher
    A broadband connection is required.

  16. What are the minimum requirements?

    TTRS Online runs on all the popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) using any Mac or PC computer with a keyboard and speakers/headphones.

    For the best performance, we recommend the following:

    • - Windows XP service pack 3 or MAC OS X.5 or above
    • - 512MB RAM Windows XP / 1GB RAM Windows Vista / 7 / 8
    • - Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or above
    • - Internet Explorer 8 /  Mozilla Firefox v16 or above / Chrome v23 or above (Windows)
    • - Safari 6 + / Mozilla Firefox v16 or above / Chrome v23 or above (Mac)
    • - Adobe Flash player 11 or above - we recommend you update to latest version from

    TTRS Online is not iPad or tablet compatible.

Logging In

  1. TTRS Online will not load the keyboard page

    Please make sure these minimum requirements are met:
    - Windows XP service pack 3 or MAC OS 5 or above
    - 512MB RAM Windows XP / 1GB RAM Windows Vista / 7 / 8
    - Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or above
    - Internet Explorer 8 /  Mozilla Firefox v16 / Chrome v23 (Windows)
    - Safari 6 / Mozilla Firefox v16 / Chrome v23 (Mac)
    - Adobe Flash player 11 or above - we recommend you update to latest version from
    Still having problems? 
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  2. I've forgotten my password

    If you are an administrator, please enter to your email here where you can reset your password.
    If you have a user account (non-administrator), please contact your administrator or teacher for your username and password.

  3. I have ordered and paid for the home course, but not received a login yet

    Please check your 'spam' or 'junk' email box.
    Otherwise please email


  1. How much does TTRS cost?

    We offer monthly and yearly options, and TTRS Online is available worldwide. Please click here to check the cost in your country.